Oak Ridges is an unincorporated community in Ontario, Canada, and has been part of Richmond Hill since 1971. The northern section of the municipality’s boundary is where Aurora extends. Aurora is about 20 kilometres north of Toronto. Lake Wilcox, the area’s largest lake, served as the town’s focal point.

There are several Oak Ridges neighbourhoods in Richmond Hill proper, east of King City, south of Aurora, and west of Whitchurch-Stouffville. The eastern boundary of the neighbourhood lies along Wilcox Lake.

This region is entirely surrounded by the Oak Ridges Moraine, and much of the terrain is hilly. Small streams and pine forests are still extensively found in the southwest. Oak Ridges is home to a number of small kettle lakes; the largest one is Lake Wilcox, and a smaller one is nearby called Bond Lake. There is a small beach area on Lake Wilcox, which is used for recreation and camping activities in the summer. As tributaries of the East Humber River, the lakes drain into them.

Oak Ridges does not contain a high school. On the north side of Bloomington Road, Cardinal Carter Catholic High School is located near the border with Aurora, and is easily walkable for the majority of Catholic Oak Ridges students. There is a Catholic school on the corner of Bloomington Road and Bathurst Street in Aurora, near Oak Ridges, named Ecole secondaire catholique Renaissance, run by the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud. Aurora High School (Ontario) is where a majority of French Immersion students attend.

The Oak Ridges Medical Centre is located at 13291 Yonge Street, north of King Road.

The main artery through the town is Yonge Street, which runs from Aurora to Richmond Hill in the north, and from Richmond Hill to Aurora in the south. 404 Highway is to the east, south of Stouffville Road and north of Bloomington Road. Highway 400 is in the west, accessible from King Road through King City.

Oak Ridges Coordinates: 43°56′40.23″N 79°27′17.74″W

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