Carpet Cleaning – Nothing Beats a Fresh Smelling Carpet!

With Dynamik Carpet Cleaning, you’ll get a top-notch clean no DIY rental carpet cleaner can accomplish. By using professional, commercial-grade machines along with our trained technicians we can tackle even the most soiled and high traffic areas to removes dirt and stains.

Dirt, grime, and stains that are visually on the top of the carpet or those that are deeply embedded into the carpet fiber can be lifted with our specialized treatment. Your carpets will look happy and healthy once we are done!

Our process with not only remove all the dirt from your carpet; we will also remove all the dust, bacteria and harmful allergens that are unhealthy to breathe in on a daily basis. You can also rest assured that your carpet is in good hands when it comes to your warranty. All our technicians are trained to follow the warranty requirements of manufactures so your carpets stay in the best possible shape.

We use a deep steam cleaning process to get your carpets looking brand new. The process is commonly referred to as ‘steam cleaning’ but it’s actually the process of hot water extraction. The hot water extraction method works by injecting extremely hot steam into the carpet; over 200 degrees in fact! Sometimes chemicals are added when we deal with really dirty carpet.

At the same time, the water is sucked up along with dirt, grime, bacteria, germs, allergens and any other nasty stuff that was in the carpet. Most carpet manufacturers actually recommend professional steam cleaning as the most effective way to clean carpet. Some even require it for warranty cleaning.

Our 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Professional carpet cleaning is not that complicated of a process but to do it right there are quite a few steps.
Every time we clean a carpet we follow the process below to ensure the best possible result.

Carpet Inspection

We thoroughly check your carpet for soil depth and signs of permanent stains. We also complete a dye test to ensure no color will be removed during cleaning.

Fiber Test

By identifying the fiber of carpet; we can determine the best cleaning method to use for your particular carpet and if really bad stains can be completely removed.

Power Vacuum

Before any steam cleaning takes place we run a commercial grade vacuum over the carpet once to extract as much dust, dirt, grit and grime as possible.


A specially formulated cleaning solution is sprayed over the entire surface areas of the carpet to help break down and dissolve any ingrained foreign matter.

Rinse & Extract

Using our equipment we injects hot pressurized steam into the carpet. Simultaneously the machine sucks the water up along with all foreign matter.

Post Treatment

We attend to any stubborn sections of the carpet marks individually. Some stains, soiled patches or greasy areas require individual attention.

Carpet Pile Realignment

Next, we ensure the piles are lined up correctly while the carpet is still damn. This helps to speed up the drying process to ensure proper drying takes place.

Air Movers

Optional extra – If required we use industrial grade air movers for poorlly ventilated areas. This helps cut down required drying time.

OPTIONAL – Disinfection & Deodorize

After our technicians have finished steam cleaning you have the choice to have your carpet deodorized and disinfected. We recommend this additional extra if you have dealt with any of the following situations prior to us visiting: Pets living in the home, problems with dampness, stains that produced an odor, stains that were left unattended for years.

A single treatments can do more for your carpet that years and years of typical vacuuming. Please note that this service must be performed right after hot water extraction is completed. It is not a stand alone service.

OPTIONAL – Carpet Protector

Professionally cleaning your carpets is an investment. Want to know how to keep your carpets looking cleaner and stain free for longer?

Let us introduce carpet protectors. We offer carpet protectors to give your carpets extra protection from spills, stains and more! Carpet protectors are a new cutting edge technology that contains anti-stain and anti-resoiling properties.

That was a mouthful, right? In plain English, a carpet protector protects your carpet from dirt, grime, and soil clinging to your carpet fibers. While it doesn’t make your carpet waterproof what it does do is give you the time you need to clean up any spills before they seep into the carpet. Without the protector any liquid is absorbed by carpet instantly.

The best part is the carpet protector is invisible. The spray should be applied just after your carpets have been professionally cleaned for maximum protection. Please let our friendly staff knows you’d like to take up this option when you book your appointment.

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