Having a professional carpet cleaning service clean your carpets is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy home or business. With Dynamik Carpet Cleaning, you’ll get top-notch cleaning services. An excellent service that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Our company uses professional, commercial-grade machines and along with our trained technicians we can tackle even the most soiled and high trafficked carpets to remove dirt, and stains.

With our specialized deep cleaning treatment, you can forget about the grime and stains that are visually on the top of the carpet or those that are deeply embedded into the carpet fibre. Your carpets will look happy, healthy, and brand new once we are done!

Our carpet cleaning services will not only remove all the dirt from your carpet; we will also remove all the dust, bacteria, and harmful allergens that are unhealthy to breathe in daily to improve the indoor air quality. You can also rest assured that your carpet is in good hands when it comes to your warranty. All our technicians are trained to follow the warranty requirements of manufactures so your carpets stay in the best possible shape.

We use several different types of environmentally friendly cleaning methods depending on the situation at hand. Our deep steam cleaning process, as seen below, is one of the most common and it will get your carpets looking brand new.

Carpet Cleaning

Our 8 Step Process

Professional carpet cleaning is not that complicated of a process but to do it correctly there are quite a few steps.
Every time we clean carpet we use special cleaning techniques to ensure the best possible result.

Carpet Inspection

We thoroughly check your carpet for soil depth and signs of permanent stains. We also complete a dye test to ensure no colour will be removed during cleaning.

Fibre Test

By identifying the fibre of your carpet; we can determine the best cleaning method to use for your particular situation. This is a very powerful vacuum.

Power Vacuum

Before any steam cleaning takes place we run a commercial grade vacuum over the carpet once to extract as much dust, dirt, grit and grime as possible. 


A specially formulated cleaning solution is sprayed over the entire surface area of the carpet to help break down and dissolve any ingrained foreign matter.

Rinse & Extract

Using our equipment we inject hot pressurized steam into the carpet. Simultaneously the machine sucks the water up along with all foreign matter.

Post Treatment

We attend to any stubborn sections of the carpet individually. Some stains, soiled patches or greasy areas require individual attention.

Carpet Pile Realignment

Next, we ensure the piles are lined up correctly while the carpet is still damn. This helps to speed up the drying process and ensures proper drying takes place.

Air Movers

We may use industrial-grade air movers for poorly ventilated areas. This helps cut down the required drying time. These are also used in winter to reduce drying time.

How Often Should You Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Cleaning carpets regularly is essential to keep them looking good and smelling fresh. There are several reasons why you would need to get carpet cleaning services, such as spills, food stains, stains from pets, removing deeply embedded dust to prevent health problems such as allergies & asthma, or even general carpet soiling from high traffic areas.

We recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every six to eighteen months for needing residential carpet cleaning for a house, condo or any type of home. And every month to six months for commercial carpet cleaning. The actual time frame will depend on the type of material and how often the carpet is used.

Why Pick Dynamik Carpet Cleaning?

We’re the number one option for cleaning your carpets. We have countless 5-star testimonials boasting amazing reviews about our results, customer service, attention to detail – but that’s just a sample of what sets us apart from other carpet cleaners and cleaning services in town or even across the country!

Our goal is not only to clean your floors, although we know you’ll be happy with how they look once we get to work cleaning them, but also to create a healthy environment where memories are made; one filled with fun and happiness.

When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we take excellent care of your carpets. We have almost 30 years of industry experience and every one of our cleaners is highly experienced with 10 years experience on average giving your carpet a deeper clean that it deserves. They are also trained and certified by us for the tasks they will perform on-site, so there won’t be any surprises when it comes to quality!

We hire professional staff who value honesty & integrity- after all, it’s YOUR house before it becomes our workspace when we arrive onsite. Trusting someone enough to enter into your personal space can take some getting used to. We understand that we are entering your home. We are respectful, professional, personable, and friendly while carpet cleaning.

If anything isn’t up to par during a cleaning service (or even between sessions), don’t hesitate to let us know – We’ll put things right as soon as possible.

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

It’s a dirty world out there! Even with your best efforts to protect it, you may find yourself faced with dirty carpets. Carpets by their very nature are bound to become soiled over time. The dirt that’s stuck in your carpet likes hiding where it’s found a home and does not want to leave. Over time it starts to bond to the carpet fibres. A dirty carpet is not only unhygienic but unsightly too; no one wants an eyesore in their home that can also trigger allergies or worse yet, something more serious like asthma if they’re sensitive enough.

Carpets also act as filters. Absorbing anything and everything that comes in contact with them. Do you clean out and replace other filters? You sure do. The same needs the happen with carpets. To add to this, how is the ventilation around your carpets? Did you know that high humidity and poor ventilation create the perfect environment for rapid mould growth? Carpets must be cleaned regularly. Vacuuming the carpet regularly is just not enough to keep it in tip-top shape.

Regular carpet cleaning services by professional cleaners will also extend the life of your carpets by removing soil build-up which can weaken fibres on some types of carpeting materials. Lastly, regular carpet maintenance eliminates odours caused by bacteria and mildew growth in your carpets.

Dynamik Carpet Cleaning always exceeds customer expectations with our honest pricing and impeccable carpet cleaning services. Our promise is 100% transparency. With no hassles, we’ll ensure that you have a healthier, cleaner home with fresh carpets guaranteed to make your life better and cleaner! Our customers routinely tell us we are the best carpet cleaning service they have ever used. So feel free to try us out today to see if we’re right for you!

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to cover all kinds of carpet cleaning. Click on the service name to read more about that particular service. We offer these service across a large area.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Get your carpets looking like new again with our carpet steam cleaning service. We can help you refresh the look and feel of those old carpets with a good deep steam cleaning.

Pet Stain Removal

Has your pet had an accident on your carpet, rug or upholstered furniture? We can help get the stain and smell out.

Spot, Stain and Odour Removal

Do you have a fresh, or even old stain, spot or a strange odour coming from your carpet, rug or furniture? We can fix that!

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

We offer hot water extraction carpet cleaning for those stubborn carpets that need a really good clean.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation is a type of carpet cleaning that uses dry powder to help clean carpets. Generally used in commercial settings but it is also used in homes.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is a low-moisture method to clean carpets. It is generally used in commercial settings.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Shampooing a carpet is a cleaning method that is used on very dirty and soiled carpets. Or on carpet that needs regular cleaning. Such as in a commercial setting.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning a carpet is a method of cleaning that uses a very low moisture cleaning method. This method is used in winter or in places without great airflow.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Organic or green cleaning is a method of cleaning a carpet using only products that are natural.

24-Hour Emergency Carpet Cleaning

We offer 24-hour emergency carpet cleaning no matter the time of day or night. Our technicians are ready to attend to your emergency.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We can provide carpet cleaning services in any type of residential property. From small homes to large mansions.

Condo and Apartment Carpet Cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning in condos and apartments. For this type of cleaning, we use portable steam cleaning wands.

Stairway Carpet Cleaning

Stairs get dirty. They need carpet cleaning just like the rest of your home. We use a special technique for steam cleaning stairs.

Basement Carpet Cleaning

Basements generally have poor ventilation. Carpet cleaning is a must every six to ensure your basement carpet stays clean.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

We offer commercial carpet cleaning services. A business must comply with health regulations and keep their carpets clean for their staff and customers.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Office carpet gets dirty very fast with hundreds of people walking on it daily. We can help keep your office carpets clean.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning

A hotel must keep its carpet clean not only to keep guests happy. But, for health and safety reasons. Hotel carpets get dirty very fast. We can help keep them clean.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Restaurant carpets get soiled very easily and are a magnet for dirt, grime, grease and oil. The carpet needs to be cleaned very frequently. We can help with any of your carpet cleaning needs in a restaurant.

Condo Hallway Carpet Cleaning

Condo hallways are some of the most walked-on parts of condo common space. They must be kept clean to keep residents happy to comply with health and safety regulations.

Allergy Control Treatment Carpet Cleaning

Allergens build up in carpets and can cause real problems to those with allergies and asthma. Carpets can be treated with a special cleaning process that stops the build-up of allergens for six months at a time.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Getting a final carpet cleaning when leaving a property is not only the right thing to do but it might be required as part of your rental contacts. We provide end-of-lease services.

Area Rug Cleaning

We offer area rug cleaning. Whether you’re looking for that annual deep clean or an emergency call-out to remove a stain your pet has left on your rug, our team is here to help with your rug’s restoration, no matter what type of material it’s made from!

Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs are very popular. We offer wool rug cleaning. We use the latest technology to clean wool rugs to make them look new. Once we are done they will be free of any dirt, stains or residue.

Synthetic Rug Cleaning

It’s best to clean synthetic rugs every 12 – 18 months. To avoid damages the synthetic material must be cleaned correctly. If you don’t clean a synthetic rug with the correct method you can ruin it.

Cotton Rug Cleaning

Cotton rugs must be cleaned with natural and mild soaps. This ensures that a cotton rug is cleaned correctly and not damaged. Our cotton rug cleaning process follows these methods and ensures a safe clean.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are delicate and require a special clean process. We use a special process so your Turco Persian is cleaned correctly without any fading that takes place.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We can clean your oriental rugs no matter how dirty and stained they are. With our special deep cleaning restoration process that uses eco-friendly products, your oriental rug will look new.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rugs can be tough to clean and require the attention of a trained professional. We use a combination of manual and machine-based processes to get your silk area rugs looking new.

Shag Rug Cleaning

Shag rug cleaning requires a special deep cleaning process with air drying to ensure the piles don’t fall off and the rug keeps its shaggy look and feel. We have perfected the process of shag rug cleaning.

Acrylic Rug Cleaning

Acrylic rugs are durable if well maintained. They must be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis to keep their tip-top condition.

Chenille Rug Cleaning

Chenille rugs can be troublesome to clean. They might need a manual hand-clean or they might be machine washable. It depends on the type of rug and the manufacture’s specifications. We can clean all types of chenille rugs.

Faux Rug Cleaning

Faux rugs generally need to be hand-washed with a special cold water process. This ensures that the rug will still feel fluffy once it’s been cleaned. We offer faux rug cleaning services.

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Flokati rugs require a delicate cleaning process to keep their thick and shaggy appearance. Our flokati rug cleaning restoration process involves manual cleaning with cold water. This ensures the rug does not get damaged. Flokati rugs are too delicate for machine washes.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning

Cowhide rugs are low maintenance due to the properties of animal skin but they still require professional cleaning twice per year by a trained professional. We offer cowhide rug cleaning services.

Stair Runner Rug Cleaning

Stair runner rugs can get dirty and fast. It’s best to get them cleaned at least every six months. Our cleaning process for stair runners will depend on the type of rug you own. But, for the most part, we use a deep steam cleaning process to make your stair runner look new.

Carpet Protectant and Sanitizer

Sanitizer can be applied after any carpet cleaning service to prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria. A carpet protectant can be applied to a carpet to give you time to clean any spills or stains before they seep into the carpet.

Professional Carpet Moth Treatment

Carpet moths damage your carpet and if not dealt with in time infect all the carpet and rugs in your property. We offer carpet moth treatment solutions that can be applied.