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How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Clean Your Carpet?

The exact cost of carpet cleaning will vary depending on how much you need, but here are some rough estimates for the different levels of service we offer for professional carpet cleaning.

An A+ grade cleaning service – this is what most people think of when they picture a deep clean. This service includes more than just steam-cleaning the carpet, it also includes pre-treatment to loosen stains and spots followed up with more intensive spot treatments as needed.

95% of the carpet cleaning we perform is the above service. How much will it cost? It’s hard to say as we need to know how much of an area we will be cleaning but the average job for the average-sized home comes in at $200 to $300.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

It’s recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. Yet, this varies depending on the type of carpet, traffic, humidity levels in your home. This is the short answer.

The Long Answer: The frequency of carpet cleaning is largely dependent on the type of material in which the carpet has been made. For all carpets, the manufacturer will recommend that they are professionally cleaned to remove stains or odours and just generally keep them in good condition. Factors affecting how often an individual should clean their carpet include their home’s usage by children and pets, lifestyles in terms of entertaining guests, number of people living in the house, etc.

Then there is recurring soiling – if your carpets are heavily soiled with any type of dirt at all then you will need them to be cleaned more frequently than if they haven’t even had a chance to accumulate any dirt.

Call us for a quote and make sure to ask us how often you should have your carpets cleaned and we will run through a few questions and give you a good timeframe that you can follow moving forward.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning Carpets?

Generally, it’s best to hire a professional company to clean your carpets such as Dynamik.

Steam cleaning is the best way to actually clean the carpet and our preferred method of cleaning. Because it uses hot water under pressure combined with detergent and sometimes chemicals to dislodge dirt. It also leaves no residue behind like other cleaning methods can. Generally speaking, only professional carpet cleaners should do the job for you, even though there are other at-home options available.

Is Steam Cleaning Bad For Carpets?

Steam cleaning is not bad for carpets because the heat of the steam opens up any dirt embedded in the carpet fibres. While this means that it can feel like you’re scraping dirt into your carpet by running over it, it helps to loosen any dirt that could potentially end up seeping into walls or under floors.

There are many other types of carpet cleaners out there, including one which uses good old-fashioned soap and water; but they can’t beat using a machine with both hot water and detergent to tackle deep stains. Steam cleaning also has the added benefit of deodorizing floors as well as removing odours from areas with heavy soiling.

TL;DR – Steam cleaning is not bad for your carpets. In fact, it helps increase the lifespan of your carpets!

How Long Does It Take Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

Carpet typically takes at least 6 hours to properly dry after a thorough carpet cleaning. The water can’t evaporate completely from the carpet in a short time period.

That said, carpets will dry quicker if they are in a warm environment with low humidity levels in summer. Warm air can suck even more moisture out of the materials, which will speed up evaporation on top of using this same temperature to kill all bacteria or spores. Beyond that though, we recommend giving it time!

How Often Should Carpet Be Vacuumed?

Vacuum your carpets twice a week.

To avoid respiratory problems, people should vacuum their carpets at least twice a week to provide a healthier environment for family members. The best way to prevent dust and other harmful materials from settling in your carpet is to take the proper precautions like vacuuming it on a regular basis. If you know that your carpet was not vacuumed for 3 months or more, then you should consider professional cleaning services; how often depends on the severity of the situation though.

Is Dry Or Wet Carpet Cleaning Better?

Wet carpet cleaning with a steam extractor is better than dry carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses heated, pressurized water to dissolve any soil on the carpet’s surface and extract it through the vacuum system. This approach eliminates the need for soaps or detergents that can leave stains or irritate allergies. With this said, dry treatments are more affordable and do not require as much time for completion. If professional service is needed, opt for wet treatment because it provides resiliency against many types of cleansers including pet urine and vomit odour problems found in dog-friendly homes.

What Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Use To Clean Carpets?

We use a steam cleaning extractor machine, which is a power-assisted carpet cleaner with the ability to inject hot water and high-pressure steam down the carpet’s pile and through its carpets.

Can I Walk On Carpet After Steam Cleaning?

In order to give the carpet time to dry, it’s recommended that you wait six hours. Ideally, you should wait 24 hours but that is not always possible.

Why? This way, you’ll avoid unnecessary abrasion from shoes and other foot traffic. You will also be less likely to embed foreign dirt into the carpet fibres. Pretty much if you use the carpet before it’s fully dry you can damage it.

Do I Vacuum Before You Come Or Do You Do It?

It’s best for you to vacuum before steam cleaning. We can’t clean the carpet if the carpet is full of dirt and other foreign matter.

A lot of people think that we do everything. This is simply because they think carpet cleaning means cleaning everything. The truth is we are there to steam clean your carpet. Not to vacuum the entire home beforehand. That’s more of a maid service, which we are not.

What do we mean by “vacuum the entire home beforehand”. We are referring to visible dirt. You should have the carpet clean for us before we come. This means a quick vacuum so there is no visible dirt. This means we can get right to work when we arrive. Starting with our high-powered vacuums with industrial-grade suction to lift all the deeply embedded dirt from your carpet. Which is a separate process from regular vacuuming.

How Long Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Take?

The carpet cleaning takes between 90 minutes and four hours.

It all depends on how much carpet needs to be cleaned. A small studio will be the fastest. Where a 5 bedroom home will take a few hours. It also depends on the number of hard stains we are going to work on and heavily soiled areas.

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