Our Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Rugs are not cheap. Why would you want to spend a lot of money on a rug when there is an easy way to restore the one you already have?

Call Dynamik Carpet Cleaning right now to get your precious textile flooring cleaned by experienced and dedicated professionals that have decades of experience. You can count on us to get all those nasty stains out of your rugs once and for all.

It doesn’t matter what type of rug you have and if it needs a quick clean due to a stain or spillage or even a full cleaning. We are the company for the job who will bring your rug back to life making it look like new once again.

When we clean your rug we use a deep cleansing process that removes all the dirt, grime, and embedded soils. The end results is a rug that looks new and feels soft just like it was when you first bought it. And we know how delicate rugs are so we treat your rug as if it was our own mothers.

Our 6 Step Rug Cleaning Process

Rug cleaning is not a ‘one fits all’ situation. Below is our cleaning process that most rugs fall under.
But as each rug is different there might be extra steps involved depending on what is required for your particular rug.

Rug Inspection

Once your rug is at our cleaning facility, we thoroughly inspect all aspects of your rug to understand what issues we are dealing with. This allows us the plan the individual cleaning process for your rug.

Dusting & Vacuuming

Next is a proper vacuum. Then we put your rug through our dusting machine. This machine removes the debris that has built up over years that is very difficult to be removed by hand.

Hand Washing

Next up is hand washing. The rug will be hand wash on both the front and back. We carefully wash your rug and we only use Eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove any odors, stains, spots, grime and gunk.

Centrifuge Pre-Dry

After washing your rug it’s drenched with water as one would expect. We use a special pre-drying process with a high-powered centrifuge. This extracts most of the water that was absorbed by the rug.

Controlled Dry

Next is a controlled dry. We hang your rug in our specially built drying room where the temperature and humidity is controlled for to allow for the ideal drying conditions. Each rug is different, drying takes 5 to 14 hours.

Final Touches

And finally the last step is to brush your rug to make it look vibrant once again then we complete a final vacuum. After this we inspect the rug one last time to ensure no small stains were missed.

Can Rugs be Cleaned In The Home?

The short answer is they can. But the right answer is we never recommend it. It’s very difficult to remove all the dust and debris from a rug without a proper dusting machine. If you have ever taken a rug outside to beat the dust out you might recall it feels like you could beat that rug forever, and then some!

Pounds of soil can build up in rugs. And what happens to soil when you add water? You guessed it! Mud! Mud forms in the fibers when a rug is cleaned without proper dusting and this leads to a ‘dry rot’ of the rug fibers. If this happens, over time your rug will get worse and worse and eventually it will have to be thrown away as this problem can’t be corrected.

To add to this the amount of water that is required to clean a rug properly means that rugs cleaned on-site never dry properly. If they are placed back in the home while still damn they can start to smell and grow mold.

In short cleaning, a rug in the home is more of a ‘tidy up’ rather than a proper cleaning. Even weekly vacuuming of a rug will not prevent build up over the years.

The best rug cleaning companies do not clean rugs on-site.
Because the best companies do what is best for the rug itself.

Do I Drop Off My Rug? Or Do You Pick Up?

Good question! And the answer is that it’s totally up to you.

But, rolling up a large rug can be tricky. It’s generally a two-person job and a large rug can be too big to fit into an average sized car. Unless you drive a large van with lots of extra space of course.

Most of our customer opt for our pickup service to make sure their rug gets to our cleaning facility safely. We will happily pick up your rug and return it looking fresh and renewed.

Call our friendly team today to discuss your options.

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