Questions about Carpet Cleaning

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Typically Cost?

The cost of carpet cleaning varies widely, but on average can be anywhere between $175 to $300.

Factors that go into the total price are numerous, The most common being things like the size of the area being serviced. How many bedrooms, hallways, stairways with carpets and so on. The price of a smallish 2-bed condo downtown in Toronto will be vastly different from a very spacious 6 bedroom home in the suburbs of Richmond Hill.

Other factors can include how long it has been since the service was done. And even things that are not typically learned until after part of the job is complete including time spent on site for pre-treatment if needed and areas outside normal reachability with equipment not typically included in an estimate unless requested by the customer at time estimate made.

How Can I Deep Clean My Carpet Myself?

Deep cleaning is best left to professional carpet cleaners. Most people who hire machines are not qualified to handle the risks of working with DIY machines.The biggest mistake we see time and time again is the overwetting of the carpet. Each week we get phone calls from people who hired a carpet cleaning machine and the conversation pretty much goes like this…

“We hired a carpet cleaning machine from the store and now the carpet smells. We did the cleaning yesterday and followed the instructions perfectly”.

This is because too much water was applied to the carpet during cleaning. A common issue is if you are not professionally trained to clean carpet.Steam cleaning is best left to the professionals. Such as Dynamik where each cleaner has 10+ years on the job experience.

What Is The Best Method Of Carpet Cleaning?

Generally, steam cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning. A lot of people still think that regular bucket-style shampooing will do the trick for those with allergies and those who can’t use heavy chemical products or towards people who want organic everything. However, steam is the way to go.

The chemistry involved here is relatively simple but very important: we’re using heat and moisture (steam) to remove any dirt and grime from ground-in fibres and stubborn stains – without resorting to harsh chemicals or dry cleaning encapsulation.

How Long Does It Take The Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

It takes up to 6 hours for the carpet to dry. The heat and air movement from your home’s heating system will speed up the process in winter. In summer it might be faster on a hot day also. But, typically this is an estimate if you’re not taking any other steps like using dehumidifiers.

Is Steam Cleaning Bad For Carpets?

Steam cleaning is a great way to remove bacteria and allergens from carpets, as well as reducing the amount of dust that’s kicked up into the air. Additionally, many stains will come right out with a little heat and suction!

Steam cleaners extract dirt from deep within carpet structures, unlike any other cleaning technique. And because steam heats water so quickly and so evenly, it prevents the random spraying of cold water on heated carpet surfaces — something other methods often do — and instead penetrates deeply and uniformly under high pressure to loosen dirt particles trapped in every layer of fabric.

Steam cleaning is not bad for carpets. Far from it. Steam cleaning is great for carpets as long as it’s carried out by a professional. It will increase your carpet’s lifespan significantly.

Is Vacuuming Carpet Important?

Yes. It’s important to vacuum the carpet because otherwise, the natural fibre of the carpet can’t breathe properly. Clean carpets also make for a healthier living environment- studies show dirty air can be 10 times more potent than secondhand smoke! The sad part is that 2/3 of households don’t routinely vacuum, but if you do it at least once a week, your home will benefit tremendously (and you’ll lower your risk for allergies and asthma).

What Happens If You Don't Vacuum Your Carpet?

If you never vacuum your carpet, the dust and dirt it collects will mix with perspiration and “particulate matter” found inside your body to create something called the ‘organic mat.’ The organic mat provides food for bacteria that normally live on our skin. With enough time, these populations of bacteria will grow into colonies that produce an unpleasant smell. More than just smelling bad, excessively dirty carpets can also lead to allergy or asthma flare-ups in kids and even adults who spend a lot of time at home.

Is It Bad To Vacuum Your Carpet Every Day?

We recommend you vacuum your carpet every two to three days. Instead of daily.

There are mixed answers about the pros and cons of the quality of air being sucked into your home from a vacuum cleaner with some even stating choosing not to vacuum at all, but vacuuming less will represent a reduced quantity of allergens in your home. Vacuum cleaner intakes create conditions inside the machine that makes airborne debris more likely to become trapped in carpet deeper rather than released back into the atmosphere, so daily vacuuming may contribute to trouble breathing for those with asthma or respiratory trouble.

Does Too Much Vacuuming Damage Carpet?

This trap is a common one and has been around for years. The idea was that the vacuum sucks up so much dirt and grit from the carpet, over time it would wear down or mat the fibres. It wasn’t true then and isn’t now. Newer carpets feature thicker materials than ever before which stave off such concerns about potential damage to carpets when properly cared for.

Does Vacuuming Actually Clean Carpet?

There’s a popular misconception about the carpet being dirty because of the vacuum cleaner. However, what you’re seeing is just bits of debris on the surface of your carpet that have been loosened by vacuuming and that can also be removed with another round of the vacuum.

For most carpets, there are two types of dirt: soil and surface dirt. Soil is below the level of the carpet fibres and it gets pulled out during vacuuming; Surface dirt remains on top and rubs off with dusting or sweeping. Vacuuming does not clean heavily soiled areas unless they easily release their soil after agitation. If you have heavy soiling in your carpet it’s best to get professional carpet cleaning.

Can You Clean The Carpet With Just Hot Water?

No. To uniformly remove dirt and make the carpet look like new, you’ll need to use a solution made of hot water plus steam, a cleaning agent and extraction. Some cleaners might also contain bleach or other more chemically aggressive components that can be harsh on carpets (but might be necessary for certain circumstances).

Aside from cleaning agents, some more advanced machines can do the job more easily. Professional grade carpet cleaning machines deep clean using suction power + hot water cycles which will suck up all of the dirt embedded deep within your carpets while simultaneously covering your carpets in hot deep-cleaning steam for ease of removal. These professional-grade cleaners will thoroughly clean the carpet. Something hot water and a sponge will never be able to do.

Do Carpets Get Dirty Faster After Cleaning?

This is a very common misconception. The idea behind the answer seems to stem from the fact that carpets get dirtier faster after they’ve been cleaned. In reality, though, carpets maintain their dirtiness level until they’re cleaned again.

For your carpet to get dirty, then clean it and find out that it’s still dirty- you have not actually “cleaned” it of all its soil and dirt. If the carpet is cleaned properly it will only get dirty again over an extended period as long as there are no new stains that take place.

How Can I Dry My Carpet Faster After Cleaning?

You should let your carpet air out and set before letting anyone walk on it or you risk transferring dirty footprints onto the carpet. That being said, you can blow a fan into the room and use a dehumidifier. But, dry time will still take at least a few hours.

It’s better to plan your carpet cleaning when you don’t have a deadline.

Is Dry Or Wet Carpet Cleaning Better?

Dry cleaning isn’t as effective as steam cleaning. Wet carpet cleaning is better because it removes more stubborn dirt embedded in the carpet like soil, stains and grime that may not be as noticeable yet can still affect the durability of your carpet such as causing premature wear and tear.

Can You Sleep In A Room After Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning usually involves chemicals that emit vapours. These can be potentially toxic and should not be present in a room one intends to sleep in after a carpet cleaning has been completed. The room needs to be aired out first for at least 6 hours.

How Long Do Carpet Cleaners Take?

In most cases, carpet cleaners will take from 90 minutes to a few hours. But, it depends on the work being performed. Cleaning the carpet of a small 1 bedroom apartment after a tenant leaves that was rarely there will take significantly less time than a 4 bedroom family home with kids and pets with heavily soiled carpets.

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Effective?

Steam cleaning is the ideal solution that you’re looking for when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. But, dry carpet cleaning is typically effective when water isn’t available or when an area can’t be aired out properly such as a commercial basement in an old building. In these cases, dry carpet cleaning methods can be used.

How Often Should I Steam Clean My Carpet?

Most carpet companies recommend steam-cleaning carpets every 6 months to 18 months, depending on if there are pets or not, the general condition of your home, and the number of people who are coming in and out of your house.

If you’re deep into air quality solutions for indoor air pollution, likely, you’re already familiar with the benefits associated with cleaning carpets using steam cleaning methods. Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is invaluable when it comes to tackling airborne pollutants like mold spores and other allergens commonly found in homes.

Now, for commercial properties. The time frame can be months to a year. It all depends on the amount of foot traffic.

What Is The Difference Between Steam Cleaning And Shampooing Carpet?

Steam cleaning involves using pressurized steam mixed with water to extract dirt and debris from your carpet. Shampooing uses soap to dissolve the soils in your carpet, lift them, and then rinse the shampoo out into a clean holding tank.

Together these processes remove all of the dirt that accumulates on carpets, but would normally take hours or days for you to do by hand.

For most consumers, steam cleaning is much better than shampooing because it’s a fast process. Making it much more efficient than shampooing with long dry times.

Do Carpet Cleaners Vacuum First?

Almost all carpet cleaners start by vacuuming and making sure there is nothing on the ground beforehand and reducing the amount of sweeping at the end. If you don’t vacuum first you will mix soil with water. And what does that do? Well, soil and water create mud. Something you don’t want on the carpet, ever!

How Long Does It Take For Mold To Grow In A Wet Carpet?

If the high humidity and temperatures (either indoor or outdoor) are combined with say a carpet that was cleaned and not dried out properly it will take about 2 days for mold to grow.

This is why it’s vitally important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company that leaves your carpet as dry as possible.

How Long Does It Take Steam Cleaned Carpet To Dry?

The longer you allow the clean carpet to dry, the better it will be for your carpet. This may seem like common sense, but letting it air-dry saves your flooring from becoming warped by liquids. Try keeping draperies open to get airflow throughout your home. For more direct heating, use a fan or household heater on a low setting—both create airflow and help lower humidity levels in the room (and thereby quickly reduce moisture). You can also buy relatively inexpensive humidifiers that offer high-efficiency deodorizing filters to keep bacteria away and eliminate odours.

If you are not using drying aids. Try to wait 24 hours before using the carpet. If you need to use the carpet the same day, wait at least 6 hours.

How Can You Tell If There Is Mold Under Your Carpet?

It may be difficult to tell whether or not there is mold hiding under the carpet, but looking for slight changes in colour from your other carpeted areas can help. Mold often leaves a very subtle dark green to black stain behind when it dries which will be easy to see if you know what to look for. If drywall found anywhere in the room has been wet due to a flood then you would be wise to take steps towards stopping any potential growth of mold before it starts. It’s a good idea that a professional analysis should always come first and foremost before an attempt at remediation without proper safety equipment, knowledge, and experience with removal methods is taken into consideration.

If you are asking this question you might be asking yourself if you can just clean the carpet and be done with it. The answer is no you can’t. If you’re worried about mold. You need to call a mold remediation company and deal with the mold. You can’t just clean the carpet on the surface.

Will The Wet Carpet Smell Go Away?

If you cleaned your carpets with a rental machine and you still have that ‘wet smell’ in the room you did the cleaning then odds are you used too much water when you used the machine.

It’s best to call us so we can ask you a few questions to find out more information. One of three things will happen. We might recommend that you leave things as is. Or we might recommend that we come out to steam clean the carpet to get excess moisture out of the carpet if it’s not been long enough for the carpet to get ruined. The last thing that can happen is that the carpet has been ruined and likely needs to be replaced.

Can Damp Carpet Make You Sick?

Yes, a damp carpet can make you sick. Why? Mold and bacteria found in contaminated carpets can cause allergies, respiratory irritation and disease. And damp carpets produce a breeding ground for microbes that cause that mold and bacteria. They can even spread into other parts of the house.

It’s a good idea to call us if there was an accident and we are not able to dry the carpet so we can extract the excess water.

Does Cold Air Dry Carpets?

No. Picture a towel that you doused in water and then gently wrung out – would it be dry? Definitely not. The droplets on the surface of the wet fabric may have dried but those deep within the cloth still retain moisture from their contact with damp air molecules. To dry, those hidden droplets need to either evaporate under high temperatures or penetrate deeper into the fabric where they can absorb more heat energy for longer periods before evaporating.

If we are cleaning your carpets in winter. We recommend that the room be heated once we are done with the windows open to provide airflow. This way the carpet will dry properly.

What Kills Mold In Carpet?

As it is alive and biological, mold will grow and multiply as long as there is a food source and moisture. Mold can grow on many different materials, but it’s most commonly found in carpets because of the high-fibre content. A few solutions used to kill off mold in carpeting include using diluted bleach or another type of chemical cleaner such as sorbitol solution (1/8 cup vinegar mixed with 1-quart warm water).

It’s important to make sure you saturate all areas that have mold on them. You may notice that these cleaning methods don’t eliminate the smell immediately after application, but they do work overtime.

This can work for a small amount of mold. If you have a serious mold problem on your carpet you need to call a professional.

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of A Carpet That Was Wet?

The reality is that if you have tried to clean your carpet after an accident that involved a lot of liquid and there is a lingering odour. You need to call a professional. Most DIY solutions work for simple stains. But, if the odour is still lingering you need professional steam cleaning.

How Can I Make My Carpet Smell Nice?

Factors that affect the carpet in any given room and thus your carpet’s smell can be many. The problem is not unique to carpets but affects all fabrics woven with synthetics, such as man-made fibres like polyester and nylon.

There are a few simple things you can try to make your carpet smell nicer: Vacuum thoroughly (letting the vacuum cleaner remove particles of hair and other tiny pieces); Remove dirt by washing; Use an antifungal treatment; Use odour neutralizers, such as natural powder deodorizers or baking soda sprinkled onto the carpet; Another area may need consideration: air quality – there should also be good ventilation for fresh air to get into the room.

Is Wet Carpet Bad For You?

Wet carpets can be considered something of a biohazard. They act as an excellent home for bacteria, mold, and various allergens like dust mites. When a carpet is wet it becomes the perfect breeding ground for these things with one added element: moisture. All of these microorganisms need dampness to thrive.

Wet carpets can be hazardous to your health. However, not all kinds of water are the same. For example, a toilet flooding into the carpet with sewage backflow is much more dangerous than clean water from a glass you were drinking from hitting the carpet.

Regardless of what water hits the carpet, it needs to dry out. If you can get the carpet dry, call us to book an appointment.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Really Worth It?

Professional Carpet Cleaning is worth it, especially if you want to extend the life of your carpets. You might not think that bacteria and microbes go into the fibres of your carpet but they create an environment for themselves in there. The benefits are many, not just for aesthetic’s sake, but also for health reasons. If you don’t take care of your carpets at home chances will be that they’ll get ruined quicker than with cleaning. Carpet can act as a breeding ground for over 100 types of microorganisms which could trigger allergies and asthma. Carpet cleaning is worth every penny.

Can You Get Your Carpets Cleaned In Winter?

Yes! As long as you use a professional carpet cleaning service like Dynamik, which has the power and suction to remove dirt and stains. And leave your carpet quite dry at the end of it.

Should I Open Windows After Carpet Cleaning

Opening the windows for a few hours after carpet cleaning can help provide airflow. This will assist the carpet by helping it dry faster and allow any chemical smell from the cleaning agents used to leave the room.

How Soon Can You Walk On Carpet After Cleaning?

It is best to wait until the carpet dries completely before walking on it again. When you walk on the damp carpet bits of unwanted substances from your feet or shoes may embed in your newly cleaned carpets! So take caution when walking on a freshly cleaned rug again, just to be safe!

How long do you have to wait:

Minimum – 6 hours.
Ideally – 12 hours.

Does Vinegar Really Remove Odours From Carpet?

Vinegar will not remove odours from the carpet. What it will do is kill any bacteria that may be living in the carpet. For that reason alone, carpet cleaning with vinegar is a good option for homes with pets or young children.

Carpet cleaning freshens up your room by removing stains and allergens, killing germs and odour-causing bacteria, along with odour molecules which are what elicit most of our “bad smell” judgments.

Eliminating these particles typically requires special chemical treatments that are made specifically for this purpose – Vinegar will not address lingering smells but it can be used as part of an overall treatment for carpets of smells.

To remove the stain and odour-causing issues you need professional steam cleaning.

What Is The Best Natural Carpet Deodorizer?

If you have a small carpet that doesn’t get too much traffic, then odour-absorbed crystals will work best. The crystals are activated by the smallest amount of airflow and rapidly disintegrate to eliminate odours.

If your home has high traffic or your carpets tend to get dirty quickly then we recommend using natural enzymes instead. When dissolved in the water this breaks down organic matter so it can be easily removed from rugs and carpets. They also provide ground-in stains with the oxygen they need to oxidize or decompose without damaging fibres, so they stay nice and clean while fighting back against bad smells!

What Do You Spray On Carpet Before Vacuuming?

Usually, professional carpet cleaners will be using an enzymatic cleaner (enzyme-based) with active ingredients like APC, RNAase or protease before the deep cleaning. This is known as a ‘pre-spray. This product is applied to the soiled area and allowed to dry. Then cleaning takes place.

Why Does The Carpet Get So Dirty?

A carpet is covered with dead skin cells, hair, food (sometimes), and dust.

All of these things can make the carpet less attractive or uncomfortable to stand on. More importantly, though, it’s simply unhygienic if icky substances are allowed to sit there for long. Once they start breaking down this icky substance attracts bacteria which in turn leads to all sorts of health hazards that can be passed on through contact with people or pets. For this reason, keeping the carpet clean is important!

Luckily cleaning carpets doesn’t have to take up too much time-you just need the right tools! Vacuum regularly and get professional steam cleaning at least once a year.

How Do You Clean Dirty Carpet Without A Machine?

There are many old-wives tales when it comes to how to clean dirty carpet without a machine.

Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush bristles, sprinkle baking soda on the rug and let the powder soak in deodorizer overnight (just like sin and waste products). When you’re ready, spray it with water and scrub with a damp sponge or shop vac. If that doesn’t do the trick, then pour boiling water into an empty bucket and wet your flooring area; then add 3/4 cup of ordinary household ammonia (be careful) and thoroughly rinse with cool tap water after about 15 minutes.

The list of methods goes on and on. If you Google you’ll find 100s of ideas.

The reality is that it’s easy to look after your carpet. Vacuum once or twice each week and get a professional cleaning at least one time each year. You will be doing yourself a favour vs using DIY methods that may or may not work. Stick to what works and has for decades.

How Can I Clean The Carpet Cheaply?

Avoid making a mess. Yep!

Most household accidents can be avoided by following a few basic safety rules that include watching where you walk, understanding what activities are going on around you and wearing proper footwear.

If you do need to have us out to clean your carpet we can offer a basic service without deodorizing. This will help reduce the cleaning cost that your wallet will be hit with.

How Is Dirty Carpet Affecting Your Home?

A dirty carpet can lead to the growth of toxins and microorganisms. Carpet is designed to trap dirt, which means that it will contain anything that falls onto it – including pet dander. It becomes easy for these particles to build upon the surface if they’re not removed regularly. This build-up is called ‘soil’. Over time, the accumulation of this dirt leads to odour-causing bacteria.

There are many benefits offered by having a clean carpet, such as reduced allergy symptoms (especially in children with asthma), fewer respiratory issues (such as asthma), fewer sinus problems, higher energy levels (due to better air quality) and more natural sleep cycles. This is just to name a few things. The list can go on and on.

How Do I Steam Clean My Own Carpet?

It doesn’t take long before dirt and dust accumulate in your carpets. As the days go by, the dirt buildup will get worse if you don’t clean your carpet regularly. Apart from aesthetic reasons, dirty carpets are also very unhealthy for the people living in the home.

You can do a lot of DIY cleaning, but it’s recommended that you call a professional to steam clean your apartment or house annually. Professional carpet cleaners know how to deal with cleaning your carpet correctly.

DIY carpet cleaning by renting a steam cleaning machine from the store is not something we can ever recommend. Each week we take a call or two from someone who hired a steam cleaning machine and something went wrong. They then need our help to try to fix the carpet.

Is Wall To Wall Carpeting Unhealthy?

Wall-to-wall carpeting is not unhealthy, but it can hold allergens and pollutants which takes a toll on some people. If you do have bad allergies or asthma. Wall-to-wall carpeting can also trap more dust mites than tiled floors do. Dust mites are microscopic insects that feed on dead cells, just like human dandruff flakes.

That being said. As long as you look after your carpet. Carpets are a great addition to any home.

What Is The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?

There are different ways to clean carpet, with either steam or hot water extraction the most effective techniques. Steam cleaning is done with a machine that produces very hot water and powerful vacuums to pull dirt deep in the carpet, while hot water extraction uses chemicals to loosen dirt before it’s vacuumed out.

Can I Scotchguard My Carpet Myself?

Sure, but if the carpets are not fully clean you might cause issues. A professional carpet cleaner will first steam clean your carpets to remove any dirt or stains and make them perfectly smooth for spraying, which ensures an even application.

Is Steam Cleaning Carpets Worth It?

Steam cleaning carpets is worth the investment because of the numerous benefits it brings. The three main areas where you will see benefits are in your air quality, allergies, and your mental health. Cleaning carpets by other means only removes the surface dust, pollen, animal dander, bacteria, and fungi – which all accumulate at different depths within your carpet. Steam cleaning works deeper into the seams to remove anything that has settled there over time – making it much more effective for deep cleanse.

Will Coffee Grounds Stain Carpet?

If the grounds are wet, they will stain the carpet and you will likely need a professional company like Dynamik to come out to do some spot cleaning. But, if the coffee grounds have been dried this should not happen. If it’s simply dry coffee grounds that have never brewed in the first place they won’t stain the carpet. It’s still best to vacuum them up ASAP though.

What Stains Can Not Be Removed From Carpet?

Carpet can be stained by a variety of substances such as urine, vomit, and grease. The way to remove these stains depends on what type of stain it is. For example, clothes or animal saliva should be removed immediately before they dry and stiffen. Urine stains will require enzymatic cleaners.

There are not any stains that can’t be removed as long as they are fresh. If stains have been worked on before the odds of the stain coming out with steam cleaning lessens. If stains are old the odds of fully getting it out, once again, lessens.

Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains?

Yes, professional carpet cleaning companies such as Dynamik can remove stains.

We offer a variety of services and techniques to make any carpet brighter and clean. Typically, we’ll use one or more of the following steps when conducting a successful stain removal:
spotting extraction; surface agitation; deep cleansing; deodorizing; sanitization.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

There are several reasons why professional carpet cleaning may be the perfect option for you.

Professionals have been specially trained in deep down, thorough cleaning to remove tough stains from your carpets that you might not be able to reach on your own. Professional vacuum cleaners can do a better job at removing dust and other particles from the carpet fibres, thereby reducing asthma and allergy symptoms among children or those with allergies or respiratory concerns.

You don’t have to think about stocking commercial-grade cleaning products for this type of job – professionals come equipped with all the tools necessary to get the job done right, as quickly as possible.

Should You Vacuum After Carpet Cleaning?

No. After carpet cleaning the best thing you can do is leave the carpet alone for at least 24 hours in ideal conditions. But, at least 6 hours if you need to use the carpet again.

There is no need to vacuum the carpet after steam cleaning as all dirt and debris has already been removed. If you spill something on the carpet after the carpet cleaning has taken place after 6 hours it needs to be treated as a new issue. If it’s liquid, dab the excess liquid up and call us for a spot cleaning. If the carpet is still damp as it’s within 6 hours of our steam cleaning it’s best to call us to discuss the situation.

Why Is My Carpet Crunchy After Cleaning?

Symptoms of excessive pre-vacuuming can range from excessively short fibers, fuzziness, and crunchy carpets.

The cause of this issue is often high traffic carpets that get vacuumed too often or improperly (i.e., using the “beater bar” setting that shreds carpet pile) by good samaritans who want to do their part in keeping floors looking fresh. So basically what you need to know is don’t over vacuum your carpet; if your floor looks clean it’s probably time for tidying up elsewhere instead! Thankfully, crunchiness generally fades away after a few months if you stop vacuuming so often.

How Do You Soften Carpet After Cleaning?

We could give you one of countless gimmicks you will find on Google to soften your carpet but the reality is the best way to make your carpet feel softer is with steam cleaning and hiring a professional. If you are looking to make a very old carpet, as in 15+ years, the unfortunate reality is that it likely won’t get softer. If it feels very flat, the carpet piles have shortened over time and can’t be revived.

How Do I Know If My Carpet Is Clean?

Normally, carpets become visibly dirty over time because of the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles that reside within an individual’s home environment. This type of dirt may come in through open doors or air vents openings all over the house. Sometimes it can even come in contact with an outside animal like a dog or bird.

The easiest way to know your carpet is clean is when it smells fresh and has no visible stains. Right after professional cleaning. If you have just vacuumed the best way to know you’ve done the best possible job is when the carpet also smells fresh and there is no more ‘crunchy’ sound in the vacuum as you go over the carpet as there is no debris left to suck up.

How Do I Bring My Carpet Back To Life?

Start by vacuuming your carpet regularly. Avoid using a vacuum with brushes, as these tend to embed dirt deeply into the carpet fibers. If you have pets, consider investing in a similar vacuum that can handle pet hair because it’s not uncommon for people to have disturbed their carpets with pet shedding because they haven’t cleaned up after their pets.

Additional household cleaners are unlikely to work so well on embedded dirt, which is often what smells bad about carpets because mold and bacteria grow in high traffic areas where there’s no air circulation or sunlight exposure-these are usually low traffic areas of our homes that are hard to clean. Buy a spot cleaning machine to take care of spots between a scheduled visit from a professional.

Why Has My Carpet Gone Flat?

It’s not uncommon for carpets to start “going flat” or “losing their cushion.” This can be caused by wear and tear, improper installation, or neglect. If there are any stains on the carpet it might not clean up as well because the padding under the carpet is getting stained too. One way to help keep your carpets fluffy is by resetting the pile using a carpet rake.

Airing out carpets also helps them stay fresh also, so make sure to properly ventilate for 30 minutes per day.

Do Carpet Cleaners Leave Residue?

No. As long as the professional carpet cleaner is well trained they will not leave any residual substances that could be considered unhealthy or hazardous to health, and can remove anything that might otherwise be considered a health hazard.

Does Vacuuming Get Rid Of Bacteria?

Vacuuming will pull some bacteria within reach, but it can’t remove them from deeper under the carpet. To do this, you would need to steam clean. So vacuuming does not actually get rid of bacteria.

How Can I Make My Carpet Pile Stand Up Again?

Steam cleaning is the preferred method for this, but it’s important to remember that if your carpet is more than three years old, you should have it professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. If it’s newer than three years old, you can get away with it but it’s still a good idea to get professional cleaning after the first year.

Another way to get the pile up again is by using a carpet rake. Using this for about half an hour every few months will build up the pile back up again after being flattened out over time from use and vacuuming often. You just need to brush in long strokes in alternating directions with light pressure while stepping on the ends of the bristles when they’re pulled tightly over loops lifting the pile up again.

Can You Clean A 20 Year Old Carpet?

Yes, we can. Steam cleaning will be the easiest and safest option for cleaning a dirty carpet that’s old. But, do keep in mind that an old carpet such as this will look clean and vibrant once we are done but won’t look new like it was 20 years ago.

Why Is My Carpet Not Fluffy Anymore?

Well, any carpet can have this happen over time even if it never gets steam cleaned. The more dirt and dust particles that come in contact with the carpet fibers the less fluffy the pile will be. Another possibility is using a rug rake to lift the pile up again and make it feel fluffy once more.

What Is The Best Temperature To Clean Carpets?

The best temperature to clean carpets is when it exceeds 200 degrees. This is exactly the temperature we use when steam cleaning. When the temperature exceeds 200 degrees with the combination of our powerful cleaning chemicals the dirt and debris in the carpet easily loosen up and lift out. Using less that 200 degrees is not as effective.

Are Carpet Stains Permanent?

Carpet stains can be permanent, provided that you ignore the stain and let it attach with the fabric fibers over time. What you really need to know is that you must call a professional that can steam clean the stain out of the carpet ASAP when it happens. Even red wine and blood being the hardest stains to remove can be easily taken care of. If they are dealt with ASAP.

How Do You Remove Stubborn Stains From Carpet?

Saturate the stain with a small amount of water and blot with a paper towel. Blotting will push some of the saturation out and into the tissue you’re using.

Don’t apply spot remover or work on the stain with any DIY products! The first question we ask you if you call about a stain is if you used any products on the stain. If you have, you’ve drastically reduced the chances of our steam cleaning process working.

The only recommendation we can make is to blot the stain with a damp cloth or paper towel and baking soda.

How Do You Get Dried Urine Out Of Carpet?

Dog urine, as an example, contains uric acid that must be dissolved with enzymes to remove it from carpets in conjunction for steam cleaning. This is why it’s near impossible to remove pet urine stains from a carpet with professional equipment.

It would be a good idea to call a professional such as Dynamik if you have pet stains from urine or even from humans if a child or baby has had an accident on the carpet.

What Is The Hardest Stain To Remove?

The hardest stain to remove is permanent marker, blood, lipstick and nail polish. Do not attempt to scrub away these stains, as the particles will enter the fabric fibers and fragment them. The best way to remove a permanent marker stain is with a product that contains specific enzymes that break down the compounds within in combinations with professional steam cleaning.

What Is The Best Stain Remover?

There are many products on the market that are designed for removing different types of stains. For the most part DIY stain removal can cause more damage than good. And when it comes to the professional stain removal products Dynamik uses it again depends on the stain type and the pH level.

A measure of acidity or base, pH is on a scale from 0 to 14. A number below 7 means it’s acidic; above 7 means it’s basic. The pH level of the stain will determine the type of stain removal we will use.

This is why it’s important to call a professional. Knowing this is not something you will generally be able to find out and using the wrong stain remover can cause irreversible damage to the carpet.

How Do Professionals Clean Area Rugs?

Professional rug cleaners are essentially professional carpet cleaners!

The way they work will vary depending on the surface of the rug, but for area rugs it all starts with vacuuming. Then we steam clean. After that we dry the rug. This is the process for small rugs.

Large rugs must be cleaned at a special rug cleaning facility. Why? Because they can’t fully dry in a home. Even outside in summer it’s a long shot. After cleaning we hang the rug in a special humidity controlled drying room for a few days to ensure all the moisture is removed. Your rug is returned to you looking clean, fresh, 100% dry and looking amazing.

How Do I Clean My Rug Myself?

There are two answers here. You can’t clean it yourself. But, you can maintain your rug.

You cannot clean a rug yourself. Rug cleaning is a skilled job that should be left to the pros. A professional will know how to test for stains, remove them from the rug, and then put a sealant on it so the stains don’t come back.

But you can maintain your rug! Vacuum the rug on a regular basis. That’s effective in getting hair and dust off of it which can lead to wear and tear over time since those particles are heavy. This will improve the rug’s lifespan and keep it looking good.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Couch Professionally Cleaned?

Pricing for professional couch cleaning really depends on the fabric of your couch and how dirty it is. And how large is the couch? How many people fit on the couch? Is it a small two seater loveseat or or is it a large L shaped sectional that can fit 10 adults.

Our couch, furniture and upholstery cleaning generally starts at $150. But, again, this really depends on what needs to be done.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Rug Professionally Cleaned?

The cost of rug cleaning depends on several factors such as size, condition, and location.

When it comes to high-traffic areas or pet stains, the price will be higher and may also include the application of an antimicrobial agent to kill bugs and prevent odors in addition to spot cleaning that removes bacteria. Rug weaving can also factor into pricing – handwoven rugs are more expensive to clean than machine-made carpets as more time and care needs to be taken. Another factor is if the rug can be cleaned on site in your home or business. Or if the rug needs to be cleaned at our special cleaning facility. In-home cleaning is cheaper than taking the rug away and cleaning it. Due to the endless amount of factors that come with quoting a rug cleaning.

It’s best to call us for a quote.

Is It Worth It To Get A Couch Professionally Cleaned?

Yes, definitely! A professional technician will be able to provide you with a deeper and more thorough clean than just vacuuming and dusting.

Many people neglect the seat cushions of their couches. This is because they’re usually in an awkward position to vacuum or deep-clean, so it’s easier not to bother with them until something nasty spills on them.

But, the reality is that a couch does not have to have visible stains to be full of dust, dirt, grime, germs and other nasty things. An annual steam cleaning of a couch will make it last longer and keep it smelling fresh.

How Long Does It Take To Professionally Clean A Sofa?

Professionally cleaning a sofa typically takes around one hour or so, depending on items such as the condition of the fabric and size of the sofa – per sofa.

Can You Clean A Sofa With A Steam Cleaner

Yes. A steam cleaner is what we use to clean sofas. We have been steam cleaning sofas, couches, and all kinds of upholstery for decades.

How Long Does It Take For A Couch To Dry After Cleaning?

Drying time depends on environmental conditions including temperature and humidity. A general estimate would be 8-12 hours, but it may take much longer depending on the environment. To decrease drying time, you can increase air circulation to find drier areas or accelerate evaporative drying by blowing a fan on to the couch.

Does Upholstery Cleaning Really Work?

It really does work.

Upholstery cleaning is an effective method to get rid of dirt, stains and odours on furniture. This is because steam cleaning flushes out the dust particles from the fabric, dissolves dirt particles present in the fabric, removes food stains and even removes tough pet odours.

Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid Of Dog Urine

Yes. Dog urine is chemically attracted to carpet fibers and the alkaline in urine causes it to react quickly. A good carpet cleaning company should be able to take care of dog pee stains if the accident happens in the last few days.

If you leave the pet stain longer than a few days you are taking a gamble. A good company like Dynamik will be able to work on the pet stain but just know that you are taking a risk of the stain not fully coming out vs cleaning is ASAP.

Will Carpet Cleaning Remove Smoke Smell

It’s hard to say. It depends on the type of smoke damage. Cigarette or from a fire. That smoke is one of the hardest smalls to remove from a carpet and it’s not just the carpet. The smell might be absorbed into the paint on the wall and furniture in the rooms also.

When it comes to removing smoke smells it’s best to call us to discuss the situation over the phone.

Will Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas

Yes. A high-quality carpet cleaning will kill adult fleas and eggs without spraying toxic chemicals in your home. The most able method for removing flea infestation from a house, besides calling a pest control company, is thorough carpet steam cleaning.

Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Dangerous

Some cleaning agents can be harmful to humans which is why it’s important to always air the area out that got cleaned for a few hours.

Can Carpet Cleaning Cause Mold

Yes, carpet cleaning can cause mold in some cases.

When you have a damp carpet that is being subjected to an acidic chemical the carpet fibers are weakened, which allows mold to grow on them more easily – especially if there are any preexisting stains or pet-related mishaps on the carpet that provide extra proteins for molds to feed on. Plus, molds often seem capable of taking over even when they’re not welcome by swiftly reproducing and developing their spores rapidly.

This is why we mentioned above that you must air out the area unless all the moisture is totally gone before closing the area up again.

Can Carpet Cleaning Make Allergies Worse?

Carpet cleaning poses no direct risks for those with allergies as long as the products used are eco-friendly. We offer this service.

In fact, it’s been noted that carpet exposes the allergens in the house to living surfaces as well as less accessible areas of a home. Exposure to these allergens has been shown to be not only effective at dealing with the allergy but also decreasing its effects over time.

In general, having carpets professionally cleaned once a year can make allergic living spaces safer and more comfortable. Another consideration is pet dander and other allergy triggers containing dead cells and fungi found on carpets; getting them out of your home may increase quality of life! Overall we recommend regular professional carpet cleaning for anyone suffering from allergy symptoms if you want the peace of mind that comes with healthy air.

Where Does The Dirt Go When You Steam Clean Carpet?

The water that is extracted from the carpet when the steam cleaning takes place contains the dirt. When the dirty water is extracted from the carpet it’s sucked though the machine being used and then disposed of after the job is completed.

Once the carpet cleaning is finished you will have clean, healthy and fresh smelling carpet.

How Can I Get My Carpets Really Clean?

There are a few things you can do.

  1. Vacuum a few times per week. Really go over each area so there is no dust or dirt left in the room.
  2. Get professional steam cleaning every year.
  3. The next time you get steam cleaning get a carpet protector applied such as Scotchgard. This will protect the carpet from spills and stains. Making it easier to clean them up if they happen.

How Do You Keep Your Carpet Smelling Fresh?

There are many ways to keep your carpets smelling fresh, but the easiest is to use baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet or rub it in with a brush or broom until it’s all absorbed. Let it sit overnight and vacuum up the next day for best results. If you don’t want to let anything sit, try spraying perfume, essential oils or citrus cleaners onto your wool rug which will help protect against odors and leave behind a light scent that will disappear into the fibers over time.

Note: Be sure not to mix any of these products with ammonia-based cleaning products as this could lead to irritation of pets respiratory tracts.

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Do You Use?

It depends on the situation but generally, we use deep steam cleaning. Also known as hot water extraction.

This is an advanced cleaning process that injects 200-degree steam into the carpet while simultaneously sucking out 95% of the moisture instantly. While also removing all germs, grime, and bacteria at the same time.

While this is by far the most effective cleaning method available today. Different circumstances call for different cleaning methods. We do use other methods depending on the situation.

What Type Of Upholstery Do You Clean?

Everything! No matter what needs cleaning we can clean it as long as it is cleanable. There are certain types of materials that are not cleanable but for the most part, all general store bought furniture can be cleaned.

How Often Should Upholstery Be Cleaned?

Generally speaking, upholstery that is used on a regular basis should be cleaned every 12 months.

What Type of Rugs Do You Clean?

All of them! Oriental rugs, Seagrass rugs, Moroccan, Tibetan, Dhurrie rugs, Persian rugs, Sisal, Flokati, Navajo, and even cut carpet and boat rugs.

How Long Does Rug Cleaning Take?

To make sure your rug looks perfect is a much more delicate process than carpet cleaning. Rugs take about one week from pick up (or drop off) to completion if they are cleaned at our facility. If we clean them on site at your location it generally takes an hour to 90 minutes.

Do I Have To Drop Off My Rug Or Do You Pick It Up?

We pick-up the rug and can drop-off it back to you. Generally drop-off is on a Sunday.

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