The unincorporated community of Temporanceville is located in the Regional Municipality of York in Ontario, Canada, straddling two geopolitical regions, King and Richmond Hill. The area is located on the southeastern edge of King and the northwest corner of Richmond Hill, east of King City and adjacent to Oak Ridges on the west.

King Road traverses east-west through the center of the community and passes through the commercial strip between Bathhurst Street and Yonge Street. Bathurst Street forms a natural border to the west and also serves as the main road traversing south-north. Parker Avenue turns Coons Road heading north to northeast.

Temperanceville is undergoing rapid development at the moment. North of Puccini is the first area where construction is taking place. Merton Street is the second area. Temperanceville Park is the most popular part of the community, which includes plenty of parking, a soccer field, and a children’s playground. Other parks include Grovewood Park, Oak Ridges Meadow and Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve; Sweet Grass Hill Park is adjacent to Kettle Lakes Public School and Father Frederick McGinn Catholic School. Other educational buildings include Father Frederick McGinn Children’s Centre and Upper Canada Child Care Centre.

On the Newmarket-York University Line, there are two GO Transit bus stops in Temperanceville. There are two at the corners of Toscanini/Kingshill and King, and the other corner of Bathurst and King. Routes northbound and southbound have stops as well. YRT bus lines 88, 22A, and 22 provide service to the area.

Temperanceville Coordinates: 43°56′20″N 79°28′53″W

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