Fairbank is a neighbourhood that covers a vast portion of central York. The center of Fairbank lies at the intersection of Dufferin St and Eglinton Ave W. Fairbank includes the neighbourhoods of Briar Hill–Belgravia (North of Eglinton Ave W) and Caledonia–Fairbank (South of Eglinton Ave W). Fairbank also contains several other smaller districts such as Caledonia, North Fairbank, Belgravia, Briar Hill, Fairbank Village, York-Eglinton and Eglinton West.

When including all three, Fairbank, Briar Hill–Belgravia and Caledonia–Fairbank the borders of Fairbank are the CNR lines in the west. Allen Rd on the east covering the Briar Hill – Belgravia and Fairbank section. And Dufferin St covers the Caledonia–Fairbank section in the east. Lawrence Ave W in the north covers the border of Briar Hill–Belgravia section. And Morrison Ave in the south covering the border of the Caledonia–Fairbank section.

If Fairbank lies in the center it is south of Yorkdale, north of Corso Italia, east of Forest Hill North and west of Greenhills.

Fairbank Coordinates: 43°41′44″N 79°27′00″W

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