Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility

If you play sports or are just a sports enthusiast looking for a sports facility where you can spend time playing during the rainy season in Bowmanville town, then head down to Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility. Located in Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility isn’t only exclusive for the sports soccer doesn’t only feature an indoor soccer field, it also has a few baseball diamonds with lights at night, a gazebo for the picnic area, drinking fountain and port-o-let is available too.

If you want to organize your own sports league, the facility is also available for rent at a reasonable and affordable price.

The Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility is not only known for its indoor soccer field but it’s also a standard ground where many teams play during the outdoor season such as Durham FC who practices here before their games, some matches are broadcast on Rogers TV.

Different leagues and divisions are also available for people of different experiences. For example, if you are an amateur then you can play in the Recreational League that is played every night from Monday to Friday starting at 7:30 p.m., whereas the most competitive one would be a division called “AA Division” which is played on Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m.

The Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility also offers different programs and classes for kids like summer camps, school holiday camps, indoor soccer schools and birthday parties where the party is hosted in one of the conference rooms with tables, chairs and decorations included plus a gift for the child.

Parents can be very satisfied by taking their kids there because it is a very safe, clean and affordable place where kids can play during the winter.

The best time to go there is in February because you can witness one or more games being played during this month due to the “Durham Winter Indoor Soccer League”. If you will want to check out the facility before deciding whether you want to join, you can always go there and check it out, no one will stop you.

Meanwhile, Bowmanville officials, to get its $3.1-million cash gap under control, shuttered the stand which was operated by the municipality. Some guests were “disappointed,” according to Alf Huggins, the president of Darlington Soccer Club.

“Especially on the weekends early in the morning,” he said. They believe they will be served their coffee once they arrive. So, the soccer club put up a proposal to take over the concession stand, and they asked the Municipality for approval.

Mr. Huggins noted that a gap arose once the stand closed.

When it comes to supporting the community, this is far from the first occasion the club has jumped in to help. Half a decade ago, the club pledged $500,000 in cash to assist fund the construction of the facility.

According to Mr. Huggins, we have made roughly half of our total contribution to the construction fund. We are just halfway done with our goal of 5 years hence.

It’s not expected that the club will generate a significant amount of money from the stand, but the chance to sell not just refreshments, but also club merchandise, such as jackets and scarves, is something that should be pursued.

It’s not entirely a novel concept to think of running the concession stand. Clarington, rather than following the design, chose to manage the concession in the building’s early days. Regional Councillor Mary Novak says it’s a terrific fit. She noted that this group conducts a great deal of good work and puts a lot of effort into the physical building.

The Municipality announced that work is expected to begin on March 1, 2017. The renovation process will last for about two months and there is no particular date when it will be reopened. It’s still not clear if Councillor Novak’s idea of handing over the operation of the stand to Darlington Soccer Club will indeed materialize.

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