Northglen Neighbourhood Park-Bowmanville

Bowmanville’s Northglen Neighbourhood Park is a fresh breeze for the community.  A beautiful park, it is the area’s first major collaborative design that was created by residents. The design provides a fun and safe environment for families and children to enjoy nature in a “green” environment. This unique park is going to be a great addition to Bowmanville and help beautify the nearby homes as well.

The park is only one year old but it has already become extremely popular with nature-loving families. A dog off-leash area will soon be added so residents can enjoy this lovely park with their pets. Local residents have been working on a plan to add new play equipment for children. This is because many young families live in the area and are interested in having a place where they can let their kids run around and be safe while doing so.

The Town of Bowmanville has approved the addition and residents are currently waiting for it to arrive. In 2019, residents also voted in favour of adding a splash pad to this beautiful park. The lovely Northglen Neighbourhood Park is located in Bowmanville’s growing community of North Glen which is home to hundreds of people who love working hard and enjoying life in this dynamic area.

In addition to Northglen Neighbourhood Park, Bowmanville also has many other beautiful and exciting features such as the Concession Street Community Centre. The centre is a great place for people from all over the community to come together to have fun, meet new people and take part in various workshops and courses.

For those interested in playing sports, the town is also home to several different and exciting recreational facilities. These places provide residents with everything they need for great games including pool tables, recreation rooms, tennis courts and soccer fields.

The park is located right on Northglen Avenue in the area of Bowmanville. The park itself can be accessed on the north of Edwin Carr Street, south of Fred Jackman Avenue and Northglen Boulevard.

The beautiful park will soon be getting a facelift. The Town of Bowmanville is currently working on beautification plans which may include the addition of new landscaping, benches and bike racks. The best time to visit Northglen Neighbourhood Park is in the summer months. This is because many families come to the area for their vacations and stay a few weeks at a time.

During this period, there are various outdoor sporting events that people can take part in as well as other fun activities such as barbecues with their neighbours. If you are interested in taking part in a fun and exciting activity, the current weather conditions make it better to visit Northglen Neighbourhood Park.