Markham Fairgrounds

Markham Fairgrounds is a 104-acre piece of land located in Markham, Ontario about an hour outside of Toronto. It is one of Canada’s oldest country fairs. Since 1844 the fair has been providing the community with a showcase for talents and products in a friendly competitive spirit. It also hosts various events such as concerts, trade shows, community gatherings and expos. The first-class facilities at the Markham Fairgrounds Complex allow companies to host large conferences with ease.

Markham Fairgrounds is an important part of the community. It enhances the fair atmosphere for visitors and provides various amenities for fairgoers. Markham Fairgrounds is a great venue for fairs, fairgoers, events, concerts, and gatherings.

Markham Fairgrounds Complex is known for its ability to host large numbers of people with ease. It provides amenities such as fairground attractions, and fairground activities.

Markham Fairgrounds features amenities such as concession stands, self-serve beverage stations, restrooms, etc. It features fairground activities such as kiddie rides. The Markham Fairgrounds offers plenty of parking spaces ranging from premium parking to dirt lots if the main lot is full. All parking spots are conveniently located near the main gate.

Every year the programs at Markham Fairgrounds are well thought out to provide something for everyone. For example, one of the programs includes a small petting zoo where children can pet farm animals such as horses, cows, goats and rabbits. The programs also include entertainment such as tractor pulls, pig racing and horse shows. Various fairground activities are available during programs – bouncy castles, carousels, rides on tractors or ponies – even racing pigs. There are games such as ring tosses and balloon dart games for small prizes. Face painting is also available.

Markham Fairgrounds programs do not offer rides, games or activities that require additional fees, but programs are subject to change without notice. That is why it is best to call the fairgrounds before planning a visit.

Markham Fairgrounds’ nearby attractions are MFG Complex and Buscar Giselle. MFG Complex is nearby and features several stores such as The Ultimate Party Store and Canadian Tire. Buscar Giselle is nearby and includes a flea market, bazaar and vendor store.

Overall, Markham Fairgrounds is a great place to visit with family and friends. It features entertainment for all ages, amenities, wide-open spaces and overall is a great atmosphere.