Markham GO Station

One of the oldest buildings in the city of Markham is the Markham GO Station which was built in 1871. It was designed in classic Canadian Railway Style with elements of the Vernacular-Carpenter Gothic style of architecture. Just as old is the Unionville GO Station, which today is used as a community centre. It is designed in the same style as the Markham Go Station.

The history of the Markham GO Station began in 1867 when the Toronto and Nipissing Railway was created. The station was completed in 1871. Other stations were built with this style in Unionville (1875) and Danforth (1892), which are still used today as community centres.

Although originally designed to carry passengers, GO Transit is now responsible for transporting commuters along its lines to Toronto, both on weekdays and weekends. It allows people from small towns to work without long commutes every day.

Markham GO Station has not been used to transport passengers in a while, the history of Markham lives on through this station’s architecture and history.

The history of the Unionville GO Station began in 1869 when plans for a railway line started; this became part of an important trade route. It was completed two years later and soon became a busy station because of the surrounding mills and farms. The station is designed like others built around that time: with elements from both Vernacular and Carpenter Gothic styles and features such as gables, long rectangular windows, wide eaves, circular ventilators between brackets, bargeboards, etc. Even though the station was not used for transporting passengers for quite some time, it still lives on as a community centre.

According to the city, they are looking into preserving the station’s features and history.

As mentioned, this is an old station that features features such as gables, wide eaves, rectangular windows and circular ventilators between brackets. Even though it was not used for transporting passengers for quite some time, it still lives on as part of the Markham Museum. The building has been recognized by the Unionville Community Association and Heritage Markham and is looked into to be preserved. The preservation of the Markham GO Station is currently being discussed.

Markham GO Station tours offer visitors the opportunity to take a tour of this historic train station. Some tours are public while other tours can only be taken by business personnel. Visitors will also get the chance to experience riding on a historic coach that will stop at different stations along the way so that they can learn more about trains and their history.

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