Milne Dam Conservation Park-Markham

Milne Dam Conservation Park is a Hidden Gem located in Markham, ON, Canada. It is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and cycling. There are many lookout points along the way for visitors to take in the beauty of this scenic conservation area.

Milne Dam Conservation Park has something for everyone with 6.5 miles of trails that may be used by hikers, cyclists or horseback riders depending on which trail you choose to take. The park also includes two conservation areas where anglers will find many spots to try their luck at catching fish including bass, pike and carp. For those interested in not getting too far out into the wilderness there are three different parking lots located throughout the park that all provide easy access to trails right from your car without needing to hike for any length of time.

Milne Dam Conservation Park also offers picnic areas where families can enjoy the outdoors with a meal in one of the designated spots throughout the park. There are even some sites right on Milne Lake with gorgeous views of the water and surrounding landscape. While this park is great for people who want to get outdoors, stay active and take in nature it does have some places that are not entirely accessible due to some stairs or gravel trails that may be too difficult for those using mobility aids. It is important that all visitors remember while they are enjoying this beautiful conservation area all dogs must remain on leashes at all times, including your furry family members.

Milne Dam Conservation Park is a wonderful place for families to spend some time outdoors while getting in some activity and it’s also great for those who enjoy fishing or just relaxing on the waterfront with an excellent view.

Milne Dam Conservation Park is located in the town of Markham on McCowan Road near the Rouge River. There are signs throughout the area that will direct you towards different parking areas for this conservation park where visitors may begin their hike. The terrain surrounding this area includes forests and some wetlands which can be traversed by cycling or hiking trails that go through these natural surroundings along with some gravel trails that lead out onto dammed-up bodies of water where visitors can fish or just enjoy the view.

The terrain in this conservation area is a flat terrain perfect for those on foot, with mobility aids or riding on bicycles. Some of the gravel trails may be a little difficult to traverse but on the whole, the majority of this park is easily accessible for everyone. There are parking lots that have been designed specifically for people who have limited mobility and require an easy access point from their vehicle so they can get out onto the trails as well.

Milne Dam Conservation Park has excellent views of some scenic landscapes which can be seen from some of the lookout points along the way. It is a magnificent place for families who love to spend time outdoors and practise their photography skills in a natural setting with gorgeous views at every turn in the trail.

Milne Dam Conservation Park has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy nature with your significant other, want to get out and cycle or hike through beautiful terrain or are an avid fisherman looking for a place where you may cast off from the shores of Milne Lake.

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