Bradley Museum-Mississauga

The Bradley Museum is a historical building that has been preserved over the years for future generations to enjoy. It was originally built in 1854 and now houses artifacts from Mississauga’s past. The museum speaks to the cultural significance of this city as one of its oldest buildings, and also how it has evolved.

Originally known as Bradley House, it is believed to be the only surviving residence of the original families of Merigold’s Point (Clarkson). Lewis Bradley, a United Empire Loyalist, received a Crown land grant in 1810 and constructed a log cabin. He and his wife Elizabeth (nee Merigold) constructed this one-and-a-half-storey saltbox-style farmhouse about 1830.

The house has been restored and furnished to reflect daily life in that era and has been open as a public museum since 1967. Although moved from its original location close to the lake, the building still stands on part of the original 200 acre Bradley farm. The Bradley House museum is part of the Museums of Mississauga.

A major restoration project took place in 2000 and a formal opening was held on October 27, 2002. The Bradley Museum has played an important role in the history of Mississauga as one of the oldest buildings still standing and is now part of its rich heritage. It also provides insight into farming life during that period with tools and artifacts from those days being displayed throughout the house. There are plans to install interpretive signs at this location for future visitors who may not be aware of its historical significance.

The Bradley Museum is one of the most popular sites for visitors to Mississauga and it has become a venue for fundraising events. The city itself has made significant efforts in recent years to preserve its heritage buildings like this one so that future generations may also have an opportunity to enjoy them. It’s always been important, but never more than now with historic homes being torn down all over North Canada at alarming rates.

Bradley Museum is part of the Museums of Mississauga. There’s a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to learn about the city’s history through this one-of-a-kind museum.

Visiting local museums is a great way for children to learn about the world of art and history. It also exposes them to new ideas and cultures that they might not have been exposed to otherwise which can enrich their experience in life. Local museums provide opportunities for adults, too.

They act as hubs where people from different backgrounds come together to explore culture and communities within their city–something that’s valuable these days with so many news stories focusing on division across borders or even right here at home. There are often discounts offered if you’re an adult without kids who want to check out what the museum has going on before visiting one with your whole family.

The location of Bradley Museum provides plenty of parking space making it easy for visitors to drive cars. This museum is one of the city’s oldest buildings, so it has a lot to share with residents and visitors.