Erindale Park-Mississauga

Erindale Park is a beautiful park in Mississauga, Ontario with many hiking trails along the Credit River. ​It is the best place to explore nature and hike! The park has a variety of different trails that are perfect for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an easy walk or something more challenging, there’s something for everyone at Erindale Park. The site also includes some amazing scenery and hiking activities that will take your breath away. There are many incredible plants in the area that are known for their medicinal purposes.

Many hiking trails can be found within and outside the boundaries of Erindale Park. Several of these trails allow you to go for an outing on foot and to return to Erindale Park to start multiple hiking adventures. Depending on where you start from at Erindale Park, you can either stroll along the Culham Trail or along with the UTM (University of Toronto Mississauga) Nature Trail. Sawmill Creek Trail and Glen Erin Trail are two other hiking trails just across the street from Erindale Park.

Among Mississauga’s best parks, Erindale Park is crowned by its trails, but the true splendour of this park occurs once you hit them. It doesn’t matter if you follow the Culham Trail on the Credit River, walk the UTM Nature Trail, or discover secluded solitude on the Sawmill Creek Trail, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and explore.

In Mississauga, the Culham Trail is nearly 18km long, but divided into three sections. Erindale Park is the starting point, then Burnhamthorpe, Riverwood Conservatory, and Hewick Meadows, and then Barbertown Road. At Streetsville Memorial Park, South Britannia Road, Riverview Park and Pine Cliff Park, the trail picks up again. Meadowvale Conservation Area is reached on the last section before getting to Brampton.

You can walk along the Credit River at Erindale Park’s Culham Trail. Throughout your hike, you will enjoy stunning river views. Afterwards, you will find Riverwood Conservancy underneath Burnhamthorpe Road. The Burnhamthorpe Trail can also be accessed from the Culham Trail, though this trail is more like a flat bike path than a scenic one.

The Conservancy is dedicated to ensuring the preserve’s natural beauty, and they donate $100 of every membership purchase to a related environmental protection project in Mississauga. Their many projects have included restoring rare plants for connecting corridors between Greenbelt land parcels. This includes park trail areas like Erindale Park.

If you are the kind of person who loves to explore both natural and human-made landmarks, then Erindale Park is perfect for you. On your way to this hidden gem in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, you will be treated with stunning views from a wide variety of vegetation types: cedar trees dotting hillsides just before the park entrances; meandering trails winding around various lakes and ponds; wooded areas where deer can often be found grazing peacefully on what little remains of their winter’s store. Once inside the boundaries of this wilderness wonderland, many things make it worth a visit.

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