The Riverwood Conservancy-Mississauga

It is incredible that The Riverwood Conservancy has existed forever however the majority of Mississauga residents are unaware of its existence. If you live in the GTA and are unfamiliar with it, you’re not alone. A high-quality natural setting right in the heart of the city can easily be found here, and there is no need to travel far to enjoy it. You can explore the hiking trails, as well as the botanical gardens in Mississauga, at The Riverwood Conservancy.

In addition to horticulture and gardening, The Riverwood Conservancy is a voluntary and membership-based nonprofit that focuses on conservation and the environment. As far back as 1985, the organization was known as the Mississauga Garden Council. In recent years, it has been transformed into a 150-acre nature preserve on the Credit River where families and residents can explore nature and get closer to it.

Among the many things to do in the gardens are to admire the lovely plants and flowers. There is also an educational component that stresses the importance of preserving nature for future generations to come.

Since the blog is about hiking, then the hiking trails should be the first thing on the blog. Currently, Credit Valley Conservation owns Riverwood and the City of Mississauga has exclusive use rights. Riverwood is home to hiking trails, both within its boundaries and those that extend further afield, such as the Culham Trail and Burnhamthorpe Trail. There are many hiking trails here in Mississauga for you to explore. You should begin your day at the main parking lot and explore the gardens before proceeding to the Yellow Trail.

There are three trails at The Riverwood Conservancy, but the Yellow Trail has the shortest length. The trail begins at the main park entrance and ends at the edge of the MacEwan Gardens. There is only .23km in length on the Yellow Trail. The Yellow Trail leads you through the forest as you descend from the gardens. Once you reach the end of the Yellow Trail, a choice is made based on whether you want to continue on the Red Trail.

It feels like you’re far from the city if you walk beyond the boardwalk and into the trees. It is one of Mississauga’s most peaceful and green neighbourhoods. A great hiking trail in Mississauga, it certainly isn’t lacking.

The section of the Culham Trail that passes through The Riverwood Conservancy is approximately 1.7 km long. In order to reach Burnhamthorpe Road, continue along the Culham Trail south. In this way, the park forms a loop. Flooding sometimes occurs on the Culham Trail in the spring when the Credit River raises its water level and the snow melts. Although the water receded from the path and the path was accessible, there were still traces of flooding on the path.

If you want to continue hiking, you can head back to The Riverwood Conservancy or continue hiking on the Culham Trail. You can walk back to the parking lot by taking the Burnhamthorpe Trail, by walking through Riverwood (there is a stunning piece of public art called “Pine Sanctuary”), then taking the Yellow Trail and to the gardens.