Lawrence Plaza-North York

Lawrence Plaza is a shopping centre located in North York, Toronto. This mall was the first suburban shopping centre to open up in 1953 and has been a staple of the city ever since. Lawrence Plaza is home to many different shops that range from clothing stores to restaurants and bakeries. It’s also host to an annual Christmas market where you can enjoy holiday treats, carolers, and live music while walking through the beautifully decorated halls.

The history of this mall goes back 50 years ago when it opened its doors as one of Canada’s very first suburban shopping centres. Even though there have been changes made over time (e.g., they’ve updated their exterior with new signage), Lawrence Plaza remains a popular destination for those who live in the area.

The mall boasts a long history of economic prosperity that has been felt by its surrounding communities as well. It’s estimated that $340 million annually is spent at this one shopping centre alone, which creates 300 jobs and generates nearly half a billion dollars in taxes for Toronto. Lawrence Plaza also offers free parking with more than 600 spaces available to shoppers.

This year marks 50 years since it opened so there will be many celebrations happening throughout the season to celebrate this milestone achievement! There are various events planned including children’s activities such as crafts and face painting on Fridays; family-friendly movie screenings every Sunday evening; and even an Easter egg hunt for all ages on March 31st where eggs filled with candy will be hidden throughout the mall.

Lawrence Plaza is a shopping mall located in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood of North York, ON, Toronto. It was built to provide employment opportunities and other amenities for residents that were displaced by the demolition of nearby public housing projects following World War II. The plaza opened on October 14th, 1953 with more than 40 stores including Eaton’s among others.

The structure’s size has changed gradually over the years as new retail developments have been added to it: first, an office tower was constructed next door; then a smaller strip mall was erected at the front entrance; finally, two multi-level condominium towers were linked onto its eastern side which increased the total area significantly.

The Lawrence Plaza is now a significant landmark in the city. Its history and economic impact on Toronto are worthy of commemoration through an arts venue at its heart, as proposed by the local residents. The plaza has become symbolic for many North York residents who fought to preserve it during redevelopment plans that would have seen it torn down or replaced with low-rise commercial space without any housing units.

When you enter Lawrence Plaza, there are a few shops that start your shopping journey. There is an LCBO store for all of your alcohol needs, Walgreens Pharmacy and Sobeys Grocery Store to stock up on provisions or specialty items. The Banks Furniture Store has everything from sofas to armchairs as well as office furniture – perfect if you’re looking for new furnishings in your home or workplace!

There’s also Radio Shack and L’Unike Salon & Spa which are both located inside the mall but serve its customers who need more than just a haircut or manicure before going back out into the world again. And finally, don’t forget about Scotiabank Branch Bank at one end of the mall, which houses a wide variety of financial services to meet all your money needs.

Toronto has always been a city on the go – it is one of the most populated cities in North America and Canada, hosts an international airport as well as being home to many prestigious universities. Due to this constant movement, there are few opportunities for people living here to stop and enjoy themselves without pressure: shopping centres give residents a space they can visit at their leisure with friends or family and spend time browsing through rows upon rows of stores. Lawrence Plaza was just such an establishment.