The Robert McLaughlin Gallery-Oshawa

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is one of Oshawa’s cultural treasures. The gallery features a significant collection of Canadian contemporary and modern artwork, as well as the largest public art gallery in the Regional Municipality of Durham. It was established in 1977 to house an extensive private collection donated by local businessman Robert McLaughlin to promote visual arts education for children and adults alike. It has been recognized nationally and internationally, receiving more than 250 awards since its opening.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is housed in a building in Oshawa designed by noted Canadian architect Arthur Erickson and offers a diverse roster of public programming that includes gallery installations, exhibitions showcasing contemporary Canadian artists, art-making workshops for children and adults; outdoor sculpture displays; theatre performances; dance classes for all ages.

Since its opening in 1977, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery has been recognized nationally and internationally with more than 250 awards to date. It houses one of Canada’s largest collections of artwork by contemporary Canadian artists including. Most of its collections are focused on works by Painters Eleven, who were founded in the Oshawa studio of Painters Eleven member Alexandra Luke.
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery also does its part to contribute to the Durham Region with as many events and fundraisers for charities.

In their first year of operation, they were able to raise over $20,000 for local charities such as the Oshawa Hospital Foundation and Treehuggers Incorporated. In 2008 The Royal Conservatory of Music was able to offer a free concert in thanksgiving due only in part to donations made by members and supporters of the gallery; this is an event that will be repeated next season too.

Since then, fundraising has been held annually at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery during September/October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month or throughout November when it falls out on weekdays–the hours are often extended to the end of each day to accommodate fundraisers, which are open to the public.

In addition, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery has hosted many events in its spacious atrium including live concerts by various talented performers; comedy nights with local comedians from across Durham Region and Canada more often than not followed up for a few weeks or months later with an annual Christmas Concert where people are able to buy tickets ahead of time–although they’re always sold out long before showtime.
The gallery also hosts painters who can’t afford studio space as well as other professional artists that may be interested in showing their work without having to take on much risk themselves. All proceeds go directly towards helping fund these artists’ future projects while providing them an opportunity to hone their craft.

The gallery also features a gift shop where people can come in and buy art, jewelry, pottery–anything related to the arts which has been made by local artists or homegrown talent from across Ontario.
In addition to all this, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is home of one of Canada’s largest Art School programmes.

This programme educates children aged four through 12 with summer classes for kids as well as continuing education courses year-round for adults who want to continue learning about different types of painting techniques and other forms of artwork like sculpture. It offers three levels: beginner; intermediate; advanced so you’re sure to find just the right course that suits your needs! All students are invited back at least once during each semester to watch and learn how their work is made into a finished piece of art.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery also offers many different exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing both Canadian artists as well as internationally renowned talent from all over the world. The gallery’s permanent collection contains some really impressive pieces like Roy Lichtenstein’s Whaam! (1963) which was donated by Mr. Douglas Mactavish in 1995. They have plenty more on display including sculptures, paintings, drawings and prints too.