Altona Forest-Pickering

Altona Forest is a beautiful place that you should visit if you are looking for some peace and quiet. It has been recognized as one of the most peaceful places in Canada, and it is perfect for anyone who needs to clear their head. There are many hiking trails available at Altona Forest, so be sure to wear appropriate shoes if you plan on going on any hikes.

Altona Forest is a great location for anyone who wants to spend some time exploring the natural beauty of Pickering Village. There are many different things to do in the Forest, from taking a walk along with one of its trails or even trying your hand at some bird watching.

There is something for everyone who visits Altona Forest: whether you want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, go on a hike and explore Pickering Village’s natural beauty, or just have fun with kids by going on an adventure through the forest – there’s no shortage of options.

Altona Forest is perfect for all sorts of people looking for their quiet spot away from it all. It has plenty of beautiful walking paths that can be enjoyed by anyone; so come visit this tranquil place today!

There are many health benefits to visiting a forest-like Altona, as well as being an excellent natural environment, forests provide us with physical and mental relief – giving you more energy and motivation, reducing stress levels and allowing your mind to relax. There’s also less pollution in a forest than there is in cities or suburbs too which means cleaner air to breathe but because trees absorb carbon dioxide they also help reduce global warming by preventing heat-trapping gases from entering the atmosphere.

The park has many features that are unique to it. For instance, the large number of walking paths in Altona Forest means it’s a great place for people who enjoy nature and being active outdoors. There is also an abundance of wildlife that can be seen along these trails.

Altona Forest offers visitors a variety of scenic views with lots of trees which will make your visit a relaxing one no matter what season it may be: there’s plenty of natural beauty all year round. Finally, the atmosphere at this forest-like setting is perfect for anyone looking to relax as there is ample seating available on benches or picnic tables if you need some downtime; while listening to the birds chirping and feeling the wind in your hair, you’ll be able to forget about all of life’s worries.

The City of Pickering and the conservation partners Altona Forest Association, The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation are committed to protecting this natural gem. A new signage program was designed to provide a sense of place while highlighting key ecological features within the park. For example, you’ll find interpretive panels at both entrances that will help visitors orient themselves as they enter into the forest for their visit.

Starting in September, an important project started with volunteers from Durham College Outdoor Adventure Club planting over 75 native trees – so far! They hope by doing all these things can promote stewardship and biodiversity among different generations who enjoy coming together to protect our environment not only here but across Canada too.

If you’re planning to unwind from a hectic week, consider visiting Altona Forest. You can go for the day or weekend to camp. Or you might like exploring nature by hiking on different trails that lead to beautiful lookouts. You will also find quiet spaces perfect for contemplation as well as many opportunities to learn about our natural environment through guided walks with knowledgeable staff members – all of which are free.

The great thing about this park is it offers something different for everyone no matter their age, interests or physical ability. So come out and visit Altona Forest today.