Beachfront Park-Pickering

Beachfront Park is a little piece of paradise for everyone and even their dogs in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Water, Beach, Boardwalk, Kids Playground and Spray Pool can be found on the property. On a hot summer day, you could find people soaking up the sun on the beach or relaxing at the spray park with kids splashing away under a shower of water jets. It is the ideal place for a family day or a couple’s date.

Beachfront Park encompasses an entire square kilometre of beachline and beautiful lakefront space. This unrivalled waterfront park in Pickering includes a public school, outdoor spray park and playground facilities. The Beachfront has been a community gathering place for many years offering people endless opportunities to enjoy the water, sand and sunshine.

The Beachfront offers a variety of water activities including water skiing, kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing as well as swimming from the designated area and launching your boat into Lake Ontario to enjoy over 200 square kilometres of open water that surrounds the park.

The Beachfront is located at Toronto’s end of Lake Ontario in Pickering and offers stunning views, safe swimming, boating and a 155-acre nature preserve that protect our shoreline. Beachfront Park has been recognized as one of the 10 best beaches in Ontario for families by Ontario Parks.

Amenities and facilities available to everyone include a beach with lifeguards, water sport rentals, seasonal snack bar, playgrounds and picnic areas with BBQs. There are also seasonal outdoor showers.

Pickering City has this nice place of waterfront park which has one of the amazing views of Ontario lake from Pickering. Big parks and private beach places for swimming, long walkways for dog walking and also nice space for doing private picnics. Ample space for having distance measured meetings with your family and friends at this place.

Very nice environment for the children to play on the beach and get wet in the water. Children also enjoy playing on swings, slides and other theme park activities.

Beachfront Park is a great place to have fun with your whole family throughout the year but especially during Summer Season as the weather is very warm. You can enjoy sunbathing at this park or you may lay down on the beach blanket for a nap.

Beachfront Park is one of the best places to enjoy time with your family & friends during the summer season as it provides you with a cozy environment to sit over there and watch your kids having fun in the water.

It’s a great place for dogs to run around and play fetch or even just to relax with their owners. The park is full of beautiful green trees and plants which makes it very attractive for dog walkers.

For sports lovers, this place provides lots of opportunities to play sports such as volleyball, football or soccer; also you can simply ride your bike around the track surrounding the beach. The beach is also very popular amongst swimmers and surfers, that’s why it’s important to be always on the lookout for potential dangers such as currents or rocks while you’re enjoying your time here.

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