Bond Lake Arena-Richmond Hill

Bond Lake Arena is a small family skating arena in Richmond Hill, ON and the only one in the Southern part of the York Region. The arena is located on Old Colony Road, right next to Ozark Park. It has a first-surface ice pad that features a large lobby and concessions at its east end with dressing rooms and showers at the west end.

The skating rink was opened in Richmond Hill in October 2011. It features a great skating rink with bowl skating facilities, as well as an indoor hockey rink that can be used for freestyle skateboarding tricks. A hockey/skating school is held there every year between September and June.

Since the skating park opened it has become very popular among youth in the area. That’s why many family-oriented events are held at the arena to accommodate people of all ages, such as “Family Friday” or “Skate with Santa”. These allow parents to skate while their children play on the playground equipment next to skate rental, snack bar and change rooms. Several tournaments take place at Bond Lake Arena throughout the ice skating season. Bond Lake Arena is a well-known arena for hockey players in York Region and nearby areas.

The ice rink features hockey leagues throughout the hockey season for a variety of ages and skill levels, including adults. There are also hockey schools held there every year for different age groups from September to June, hockey tournaments as mentioned above during the ice skating season from September to April, and hockey skills sessions which happen throughout the year.

For figure skaters, there are classes offered during the ice skating season from September to April. Since opening in 2011 Bond Lake Arena has been a great place for family fun and recreation.

The classes follow a pre-determined syllabus with specific goals, such as developing good balance and agility on the ice, improving posture and body control, learning forward skating techniques or working on crossovers. You can choose from classes that offer skating skills only, classes that combine skating skills with other techniques such as jumps and spins or classes that enhance fitness levels through cross-training activities such as sit-ups and core strengthening exercises.

Bond Lake Arena is a very versatile facility offering many classes for all ages throughout the year, whether it be hockey schools for children, classes for figure skaters or classes for hockey players.