Bathurst Clark Resource Library-Thornhill

Bathurst Clark Resource Library, a cornerstone in the Thornhill community for 25 years, reopened on Saturday, September 23rd. The library has undergone renovations that include new features such as larger study rooms and an updated children’s section to serve the needs of today’s parents. It also has increased capacity to store materials with more shelving space for books and other items.

For many people in Thornhill, Bathurst Clark is their community hub: it offers programs for kids and adults alike, holds personal archives from local families who have donated them over the last 25 years, hosts book clubs and senior programming – it’s a place where they can come together with neighbours to share ideas or just enjoy some peace and quiet reading.

The library has been a cornerstone in the neighbourhood for 25 years. The staff are so excited about this year’s new and improved version of Bathurst Clark, that they started preparing early to make sure everything was ready on opening day. They put out fresh flowers around the building and even baked cookies for all those who came by!

In celebration of their newly renovated space, over 100 people joined them at Saturday morning’s ribbon-cutting ceremony including Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. “It truly is a community center,” said Councillor Kevin Vuong, representing Ward 11 where our branch falls under jurisdiction – he also thanked everyone involved in funding and renovating our local library.

“The now re-opened Bathurst Clark Resource Library has been the cornerstone of our Thornhill community for 25 years. With investments made in new resources, programming and technology, we have helped ensure that this facility continues to be enjoyed for generations to come.”

“The newly re-opened Bathurst Clark Resource Library has a number of new features, including free Wi-Fi, a children’s area, self-check-out and materials in French, Farsi, Russian and Spanish – among other languages.”

“Since childhood, books have been very close to my heart and reading has always been one of my most cherished activities. As Mayor, it is my duty to ensure that the City facilitates this experience for Vaughan residents. We all share a thirst for knowledge – a continuous journey toward discovery and self-improvement.”

Thornhill’s Bathurst Clark Resource Library’s reopening is a culmination of years of strategic investments. With new resources, programming and technology in place at the facility, they have helped ensure that this library continues to be enjoyed for generations to come.

The library offers a variety of new features for customers, including an expanded children’s area with 15 new computers and programs to keep children engaged in reading. The facility also boasts over 25 study rooms to accommodate the needs of students from schools across Vaughan who have been using this as their designated place to work on school projects. With materials in French, Farsi, Russian and Spanish – among other languages – customers can find resources that will help them meet academic or career goals.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a quiet place to study or do research. The Bathurst Clark Resource Library of Thornhill offers 25 newly renovated study areas that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers can use these rooms for individual designated activities such as studying, reading and writing – without any distractions from those who want to browse the shelves of books or work with materials in other parts of the library.

With so many new features coming into play at this branch over the last few months, customers should be sure not to miss out on checking out what’s happening at their local facility!