Thornhill Village Library

Thornhill Village Library is a testament to the community’s history. Built in 1851, the residence belonged to Ellen Ramsden, the daughter of a settler named Captain Richard Sutton Frizzell. Throughout the 1890s, John Grice, Jr. operated the residence as a grocery store.

Also on display at the Thornhill Village Library are pictures of Thornhill’s expansive growth in the 1960s and the development of the village as a whole. The building was converted into a library in 1960, however, the building quickly became too small as the village began to grow. Fortunately, the public helped save it from closure. The Thornhill Community Centre Library was renovated and portables were added to cope with demand.

An example of a modest Classical Revival building, the Thornhill Village Library best illustrates the style. An angled gable end of the roof dominates the library’s gable end. Two bays across the facade are seen on the second floor, while three bays are found at the main level. A large shutter with adjustable slats covers the lower half of each of the four windows in the building’s facade. Located in the center of the building, the main entrance is a single-leaf, double-panel door divided into 18 different panels by recessed transoms and pilasters carved in Doric fashion. Elegantly shaped entablatures highlight this.

This historical building can be found at #10 Colborne St in Thornhill Village, Ontario, Canada. In 1851, Thornhill Village Library was built and it operates as a public library today as the oldest such building in Thornhill.

The legacy of this historical place starts with its original purpose, which was to provide reading material for children living on farms during WWI when they were off at school or doing domestic chores. This innovative concept helped them keep up their education even though they could not attend regular schools because of their other commitments such as farming duties – an early example of lifelong learning.

In 1923, it became known as the “Village Book Depot” where books from all over the world can be found here today. It also houses one-of-a-kind items never seen before right in your own backyard.

The only library in Thornhill, this place is a hub of knowledge and culture for the locals. The architecture of the building also makes it an important part of our heritage as there are many different styles that make up its unique design like Gothic Revival with Classical elements.

In 2016, it was announced that new donors have come forward to help protect the future by donating funds towards maintenance and restoration so we can ensure this historical gem will be here for generations longer than ever before!

This fundraising campaign is all about making sure Thornhill Village Library has the necessary funds to maintain and restore its unique architecture. Funds will go towards a variety of needs such as upgrades to make this space more accessible, repairs for water damage, or even new furnishings that are needed in order to keep it looking nice!
You’ll find many people who believe how important this library’s future is not only because it serves as an anchor point for our community but also because it holds so much history that can never be replaced by something else.

One of the best times to visit Thornhill Village Library is during its annual Book Sale. This one-day event offers an amazing opportunity for those who love reading and want to stock up on their favourite books, but can’t afford them otherwise.

The town of Thornhill is always grateful when people donate books they no longer need so that they can keep the library open and accessible with a variety of materials in both English and French; it’s what makes this place unique! It also helps them provide more services such as literacy programs or events for children. If you have any gently used items lying around—books, clothes, kitchenware, furniture—we would welcome your donation at any time!