Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre-Woodbridge

The Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario offers a variety of leisure activities for members. The community centre features include a gymnasium and fitness area, full-size indoor basketball court, multi-purpose room with stage and seating for 350 people, meeting rooms on the second floor that can be used by community groups or rented out to local businesses as well as an outdoor soccer field.

The community centre has many leisure activities available to locals such as swimming lessons (various levels) offered throughout the week; aqua aerobics classes; lap swims during daytime hours Monday through Friday; water walking sessions; family swim time on Fridays from 11:30 – 12:00 pm (children must be accompanied by an adult); and a full-time lifeguard. The community centre also offers fitness classes with certified instructors such as Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Aqua Fit and Body Combat.

The Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre in Woodbridge features two basketball courts that can be used for family tournaments; volleyball nets in the summer months; table tennis tables (ping pong) available to use during open hours of the community centre; 15 racquetball/handball courts where local residents can play their favourite game all year long or rent it out on evenings from Monday through Thursday afternoons from 12:00 – 11:00 pm.

Local residents are invited to come to visit this great community centre located at 8141 Martin Grove Rd, Woodbridge, Ontario. There’s a lot to do here for everyone: from fitness activities and swimming to a great variety of sports and leisure activities.

The community centre is available daily during regular hours (Monday through Friday-12pm until 11pm; Saturday-11am until 12am; Sunday-noon until 11 pm) as well as on evenings which can be rented out by local residents who want to organize their own events such as birthday parties or community gatherings.

There are so many opportunities in this community centre. It has everything that one would need for an exciting workout session! There’s the possibility of playing basketball at either court; volleyball outside in the summertime when it’s warm enough; table tennis tables where people could play ping pong all day long; or even a game of dodgeball in the gymnasium! It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy coming to this community centre.

One of the other great things that Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre in Woodbridge has is its swimming pool and fitness activities. The leisure hours are available during regular days (Monday through Friday-12pm until 11 pm; Saturday-11am until 12 am) as well as on evenings which can be rented out by local residents who want to organize their own events such as birthday parties or community gatherings.

“There’s also a daycare centre for kids, so parents don’t have to worry about childcare while they’re at work!”

The gym membership includes free use of all these facilities! “If you love sports, this community centre will really make your weekend complete,” said Mrs. Cooper, one of the loyal members here. “It’s a great place to go for some exercise.”

“Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre is one of the best community centres in Woodbridge because it offers so many services and features that people love,” said Mrs. Jones, another member at the centre.

At Woodbridge, this community centre is kept in good shape with regular maintenance.

Occasionally, the gym needs to be redecorated – just last month there was a new coat of paint on the walls! The staff work hard to keep everything looking nice and clean for members.

“It’s also great because it has an outdoor ice rink!” said Mrs. Cooper happily, “it makes winters more enjoyable.” It can get busy during hockey season so you might want to arrive early if you’re going skating or plan your visit at off-peak hours when it’s not as crowded. And what better way to spend some time outside than playing sports? There is plenty of space outdoors where people play soccer, basketball and other games year-round.

The best time to come to the community centre is during off-peak hours because it’s usually busier on weekdays. The gym will be less crowded and there won’t be many people lining up for swimming or playing outdoor sports. But if you just can’t wait, make sure to arrive early! If that doesn’t work out then a weekday evening might not have as much going on so would still be an option.

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