Magnotta in Woodbridge, Ontario is one of the best wineries in Canada. The vineyard itself has been operating since 1991 and produces over 15 different wines that are available for purchase. They specialize in reds, whites, and ice wines. Their most popular wine is their Merlot which they produce at a rate of 100 cases per year.

Magnotta also offers tours of the vineyard where you can learn about how wine is made from start to finish in Woodbridge. For those who want to get more involved with Magnotta, there are fundraisers throughout the year and a member’s club that gives you access to special events such as tastings and food pairing sessions with award-winning chefs.

Canada is home to some of the best wineries in the world, but Magnotta might just be one of our favourites. Located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada this historic vineyard was established over 30 years ago. The owners are passionate about wine and do everything they can to make sure it tastes as good as possible for their customers including growing grapes that provide distinct flavours like Riesling or Merlot.

Magnotta has been at the forefront of Canadian wine and culture for many years. They’ve won awards like “Best Vineyard” and even have a member’s club with special events such as tastings, food pairing sessions with award-winning chefs, or just any day-to-day visit that will make your experience more detailed than ever before! Magnotta makes sure to preserve its historic traditions while also branching out into new ventures – it’ one of Canada’s best wineries because they’re always looking ahead.

The winery was founded by the Magnotta family in 1991 when they first purchased an apple farm. They grew grapes and sold their wine to local businesses for a long time before opening up to the public, which is why it’s been able to stay so popular.

They grow grapes from our 180 acres of family-owned and operated vineyards. Magnotta was the first winery in Woodbridge to produce a 100% Vidal-cross hybrid white grape. The business is now run by second-generation owner Mark and third-generation co-owner, Teresa, who is always looking for new ways to make their wines better (such as by using grapes from sustainable vineyards).

Magnotta makes sure to preserve its historic traditions while also branching out into new ventures – it’ one of Woodbridge’s best wineries because they’re always looking ahead.

Wine has many benefits and some key points to keep in mind when tasting. Wine aids healthy digestion by being high in acidity which neutralizes stomach acids that cause indigestion. It also helps prevent heart attacks because red wines contain resveratrol (a compound found naturally in grapes) which promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body.

Furthermore, drinking wine can reduce the risk of type II diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity so your body needs less sugar to function properly; this prevents overproduction of glucose and a subsequent rise in insulin levels as well as reduces inflammation caused by alcohol consumption.

One of the benefits of wine is that it can be used to raise money for charity. Magnotta hosts a series called “Magnotta Wine & Dine” every year where they provide an opportunity for guests to visit their winery in Woodbridge and enjoy some food at their restaurant before or after touring through the vineyard. It’s one way that you can help support local businesses while also donating funds to worthy causes like SickKids Hospital, The Canadian Cancer Society and Heart & Stroke Foundation Canada.

Plus, if you’re planning on tasting wines from around the world during your “wine tour” then this is a great place to start because they have over 20 imported varieties available along with many locally sourced ones!

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