New Life Christian Church-Woodbridge

The Holy Spirit descended in an unprecedented way on the continent of North America at the beginning of the 20th century among all peoples and spread throughout the entire world. In 1914, some Spirit-filled believers from Woodbridge came to Toronto and began what became New Life Christian Church when they brought the message of salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit with them. Meetings were held initially in people’s homes.

In 1917, Ferdinando Zaffuto, who had led the newly formed congregation since 1917, rented a facility on Gerard Street to provide the congregation with a home. Luigi Ippolito later, in 1919, relocated to Toronto. These two ministers witnessed the growth of the church until they were promoted to glory as pastors.

In 1922, a permanent settlement was established at 193 Montrose Avenue, Toronto. The church was blessed, and its numbers increased.

Due to the growing congregation at Montrose, with much financial sacrifice, a larger building was built at the same location in 1957. A new address was given to the church at 706 College Street. In 1958, Daniel Ippolito, who succeeded Luigi after 40 years of service, was elected as the congregation’s new Senior pastor.

It was during this time that the Lord saved many people. As the church grew, its building became too small, so the pastor and church board sought out a larger facility. A group of passionate believers bought the building at 384 Sunnyside Avenue in 1970, and it became Howard Park Pentecostal Church. Pastor Daniel Ippolito retired in 1995 after 37 years and was succeeded by Rev. Joseph Manafo.

New Life Christian Church was established by Pastor Manafo after the congregation moved from Howard Park to Weston Road in Woodbridge under his leadership. It was in June 2003 that the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Woodbridge.

As the building project was still underway, the congregation of New Life Christian Church was deeply saddened by the passing of their pastor in June of 2004.

The church building project was completed thanks to the hard work of interim pastors and passionate lay leaders. The first service at New Life Christian Church’s new location at 8111 Weston Road, Woodbridge, Ontario took place in October 2004.

Since August 2005, Bishop Elio Marrocco has been holding the position of Senior Leadership at St. William’s and his wife Michelina has been with him from Australia. It is this role that has been performed until now in Woodbridge.