Cedarvale Park-York

Located in York, Canada, Cedarvale Park is a regional park with a wide variety of features and activities to offer. It’s not just for those living nearby either as visitors from all over Toronto come to enjoy the beauty of this peaceful green space. Casual walkers can take advantage of the beautifully landscaped grounds while sports fans can use one or more fields on site.

Cedarvale Park is perfect for recreational activities during the warm sunny day and the cool evening hours. Visitors can partake in a game of soccer, tennis, basketball and other sports on one of the many fields at Cedarvale Park or they may stop by for some fishing and boating on Lake Simcoe.

This nature center in York is also worth checking out as this large structure has exhibits that are perfect for kids to learn about the environment around them while there’s plenty of natural beauty taking place outside too! The outdoor pool offers an escape from the summer heat with both freshwater temperature swimming as well as saltwater options offered.
Cedarvale Park is open year-round so visitors have access any time to enjoy all it has to offer including its wide variety of activities like hiking, picnicking, bike riding and more.

Cedarvale Park is situated in the middle of the bustling city of York and provides an escape into nature for residents and visitors alike. If you’re looking for an escape from hustle and bustle of the city, then try visiting Cedarvale Park.

Cedarvale Park features a unique combination of natural beauty around York’s surroundings along with modern amenities such as concession stands, washrooms/change rooms and sports fields perfect for field hockey and rugby league games. There are also public art pieces that can be found throughout the park that reflect the local culture in their designs or commemorate special events taking place at Cedarvale Park over the years.

A variety of physical activities can be enjoyed in the park including biking, trail running and walking. The trails ramble through a natural forest setting with gentle slopes for easy hiking. There are also opportunities to walk over some traditional stepping stones or explore a historic bridge along Cedarvale Creek that flows through the middle of the park while you take in nature’s beauty from every angle imaginable.

Visiting York’s Cedarvale Park with your family offers benefits for all ages. Young kids are challenged to find the perfect stick while exploring a wooded area or enjoy an adventure on the ropes course in one of two difficulty levels. Older children may want to try out their skills at rock climbing, which takes place only when there is enough supervision from a certified instructor.

There’s also plenty going on that adults can participate in such as golfing and disc golf ‍- both of which take advantage of the park’s natural environment by using trees instead of traditional tee boxes. And don’t forget about tennis courts! They’re available year-round for those who love this sport and have just been waiting for warmer weather so they could get back outside and play.