Masjid-El-Noor is one of the oldest Muslim organizations in York and the rest of Canada, having been founded in 1986. This towering institution is located at 277 Scott Road, York, Ontario. It was originally a church that later was transformed into the institution it is today. A building expansion and renovation were completed in the early 2000s thanks to Allah’s (SWT) blessing and the community’s support.

A total of 2500 square feet are dedicated for use by the institution, which includes spacious areas for prayer halls for brothers and sisters, as well as 3 well-equipped classrooms for Islamic Education. The burial services are also provided by a mortuary within the community for the deceased. There are also ramps and parking spaces with designated accessibility for all visitors.

Masjid El Noor has now grown from a traditional neighbourhood mosque into a multidimensional centre that unites its inhabitants in the surrounding community. The center offers a wide range of religious and educational programs, as well as highly needed social services.

“We recognize the importance of providing recreational outlets for our youth in conjunction with education. To support our youth programs and give back to the community, we offer volunteer hours that are well recognized. As a congregation, as well as our surrounding community, we are aware that a holistic approach is required. As a result, we work closely with other Muslim organizations in organizing programs that meet the diverse needs of our community.”

There are 15 members of the Masjid-El-Noor Management Committee, whose purpose is to oversee all matters about the Center. This committee ensures the organization is neighbours governed according to the principles of checks and balances.

You can easily access the center by car or public transportation. It is open for five daily prayers every day. A congregation of nearly 700 worshippers gathers on Friday for Jummah prayers. “We pray that we can continue to grow as a community center to better serve our neighbours, even after much has been accomplished since we first built it.”

In 2017, York community leaders participated in a prayer service at Masjid-El-Noor mosque. The prayers at the Masjid-El-Noor in York may have been routine, but the message they conveyed was far beyond the walls of the mosque. In a show of unity with the Muslim community and to denounce violence against all religious groups, local community leaders and politicians joined the congregation for a Friday afternoon service.

Laura Albanese, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration for Ontario, Councillor Frank Di Giorgio, and several officials attended the event as a response to the deadly Quebec City mosque shooting. Mohammed Hussein, the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship of Canada; Peter Frampton, the director of the Learning Enrichment Foundation; and Steven Bakai, pastor of Greensborough Community Church in York.

Pastor Bakai came out to strengthen the relationship between the mosque and his church. He said it is unfortunate that Muslim communities are experiencing hatred.

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