Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church-York

A blessing from Archbishop Nathaniel, Bishop Irineu, Archbishop Nicolai and many priests was given to the Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church in York when it celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Afterwards, an addition on the north side of the Church’s building was built, including three towers designed according to the Orthodox tradition, an elevator for the elderly and handicapped, granite floors for the hallways, and a classroom for Sunday School and a chapel in the future.

It was possible thanks to the initiative, the ideas, and the supervision of father Ioan Bunea, along with the great assistance of church members by contributions or work done as volunteers. Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church in York held numerous social and cultural events during its lifetime, which were organized with the help of several nonprofit organizations developed within the parish.

The Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church in York received a religious box from the Episcopate of Vatra Românească in 2010 that contained relics of four great Orthodox saints: Holy Great Martyr and Victory Bearer Saint George, the Church Patron Saint, the Holy Hierarch Saint John Chrysostom – Archbishop of Constantinople, the Holy Great Martyr and Healer Saint Panteleimon, Holy Hierarch Saint Nectarius the Taumaturg (the cancer healer).

All believers have the opportunity to kneel and pray before these relics since the relics box was placed in 2010 inside of the Church.

In 2014, there was a large celebration of the 60th anniversary of Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church in York. In particular, it was a significant event, because, after decades of dedicated work carried out by the parishioners of this Church under Father Bunea’s patronage for the enhancement of the church building, the time had come for re-consecration.

In the Saint George community of York, the Romanian National Day was observed as it had been in previous years. Due to Great Romania’s 100th anniversary, the 2018 anniversary was more significant than previous ones.

As a result, one of the several events organized by Romanians in Canada was the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church in York, coordinated by all the parishes of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Greater York Area and Southern Ontario.

The Dacia Hall, which was beautifully decorated for this great celebration, hosted the reception, which was attended by more than 200 attendees.

After 65 years of efforts, prayer and patience, the parishioners have shown their goodness both to their neighbours and to God, who has rewarded them with health and power to finish the work they began.

In the eyes of the congregation, the biggest accomplishment is the high number of people who come to church every Sunday, and the people who volunteer for organizing events. In addition, Romanians living in York realize that we are a better and more united people, as it should be among brothers.

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