The former city of York lies within the city of Toronto, Ontario. While it’s a former city the locals still refer to it as York. With York being situated between Old Toronto and North York. The actual borders are Bathurst St and Allen Rd on the east. Aside from the neighbourhood of Tichester at the southeasternmost corner of the former city, which extends as far east as Walmer Road and includes much of St. Clair West station. In the south the border is St Clair Ave W and Dundas St W. The Humber River on the west. In the north by Church St, Lawrence Ave W and the intersection of Trethewey Dr and Black Creek Dr with an imaginary line that is drawn 1km west and 1.5km east.

Neighborhoods in York are often divided into two parts: a western part and an eastern part. GO Transit’s Barrie railway line often separates York into two parts.

Neighborhoods in York: Baby Point, Briar Hill–Belgravia, Eglinton West (Little Jamaica), Fairbank (Caledonia–Fairbank), Humewood–Cedarvale (includes Upper Village (also part of Forest Hill)), Lambton–Baby Point, Mount Dennis, Oakwood Village (includes Five Points and Northcliffe; formerly known as Oakwood–Vaughan), Old Mill, Rockcliffe–Smythe, Silverthorn (Keelesdale), Tichester, Mount Dennis and Weston.

The only Go Station in York is the Weston GO Station along the Kitchener train line.

York Coordinates: 43.689829°N 79.478066°W

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