Concord/Thornhill Regional Park

Concord/Thornhill Regional Park is one of the best parks in Canada. It’s a beautiful, natural space that has been enjoyed by generations for decades. The park was originally constructed in 1956 to serve Concord and Thornhill residents as well as those from surrounding communities. Residents have been enjoying it ever since! Over time, the park has grown to include an artificial turf senior soccer field, which provides benefits like increased accessibility at all hours and year-round use.

This park around Thornhill Village has undergone major upgrades to make it more accessible for all. The new artificial turf field provides the perfect opportunity for seniors and youth alike, as well as people with disabilities. It is also a great space for kids of any age who want to play soccer year-round in comfort regardless of weather conditions. The park is also home to a new playground, skateboard and bike skills course, picnic area with tables and benches. There are two children’s play areas, one for toddlers ages 0-12 months old and another designed for older kids aged 12-36 months.

The leisure pool at Concord/Thornhill Regional Park is open every day during the summer season, as well as Saturday mornings in September, October and April – weather permitting of course. It has been upgraded with warmer water so it can be enjoyed by all members of your family this year including those who need extra assistance entering or exiting due to medical conditions.

The new splash pad is more than just a water fountain. Kids can enjoy some high-powered jets and sprays, as well as interactive features like spray nozzles that shoot out different shapes in the air. Throughout the summer season, there are many activities for the whole family at Concord/Thornhill Regional Park.

In addition, Concord/Thornhill Regional Park has been designated as a sports hub. This means that the park will be hosting many events in 2019 for kids and adults of all ages to participate in such as Ultimate Frisbee leagues, soccer tournaments, basketball camps and even an obstacle fitness course!

There are over 30 different types of trees (and even some small fruits) that grow at Concord/Thornhill Regional Park. There is also a variety of birds and small mammals to spot in the woods, so you might want to bring your binoculars! If you’re not looking for wildlife, there’s always plenty else to do like relaxing on benches or taking a walk around the well-maintained surrounding park.

The park has been providing a space for people to get active in their leisure time and build camaraderie with others. One of the reasons why Concord/Thornhill Regional Park is one of the best parks in Canada is that it provides an opportunity for everyone, no matter what age or skill level, to partake in some activity that will be good for both them and society as a whole.

The area around the recreation centre features plenty of benches under lovely oak trees perfect for relaxing while watching kids at play. There are also barbecue areas nearby where you can enjoy lunch outside before heading over to sports fields located just north of their version.

At Concord/Thornhill Regional Park, you can find an ideal spot for getting some exercise like running and jogging. You’ll feel the wind in your hair as you jog through the park’s trails to get a nice cardio workout or sprint around a track while children play nearby with their families. There are plenty of green spaces available for picnics and games too.