Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work?

A home’s carpets are very important as they help keep your house warm and cozy, but over time, dirt and sweat accumulate in the fibres. This makes it harder to clean and maintain, which can result in smelly carpets. However, why not try having your carpet steam cleaned by the professionals at Dynamik Carpet Cleaning?

But wait, does carpet steam cleaning work? Below, we’ll tell you about the steam cleaning process, along with its pros and cons and whether. Then you can choose if steam cleaning is right for you.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

You might assume that steam cleaning uses steam to clean your carpets because of its name, and that would be logical. Steam cleaning is a technique that uses cleaning chemicals combined with water. This water is heated to a very high temperature and then injected into the carpet in the form of steam to remove dirt and grime from carpets.

The heat from the steam causes the carpet pile to swell, allowing it to suck up dirt. As the high pressure from the steam loosens the dirt from fibres, it is sent deep into your carpets, then it is extracted almost instantly. You can read about the entire process of carpet steam cleaning here.

Pros of Steam Cleaning

Using steam cleaning is probably the best deep cleaning method you can use on your carpets. Because it combines hot water with chemicals, it cleans much more than just the surface of your carpet, it can even remove dirt and debris that has sunk deep into your carpet. The spray from the water also helps loosen up difficult-to-remove particles.

If you use a steam cleaner on your carpets, you can expect nearly pristine results. The process is excellent for getting rid of pet odours, dust mites, general staining, heavily trafficked areas and just making your carpet look new again. It also helps kill germs and allergens, which is good for people who have allergies. For the same reason, steam cleaning will help reduce respiratory problems.

Furthermore, most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as it doesn’t affect your carpet warranties.

All in all, you’ll get an amazing clean when you use a steam cleaner on your carpets. If you hire a company to do it like Dynamik, your results will be amazing. If you want to make sure your carpet lasts for years, this is one of the best ways to keep it looking good and staying fresh.

Cons of Steam Cleaning

Chemicals used in steam cleaning are causing concern among some homeowners who are sensitive to foreign smells. We do, however, use many environmentally friendly chemicals that ensure there are no residues behind after our carpet cleaning procedure. Generally, any issues with sensitivity and carpet cleaning come from the additions of these chemicals to the clean process. And we can opt to not add them in when we clean.

It is also feared that steam cleaning, which uses water, will cause mold and mildew to grow in the carpet. Generally, if you leave the water on the carpet too long, use too much water, or do not vacuum it with a wet vac, the water could seep deeper into the carpet and cause mold to grow. However, since our professionals vacuum properly and do not let the water soak into your carpet, you shouldn’t have this problem. As a result of the low moisture content left by our extractor, any residual moisture will naturally dry within a few hours. This reduces the possibility of mold developing. This is not a ‘con’ but it’s a relevant point.

Another concern when it comes to steam cleaning is that some people feel the process lacks suction when compared to other cleaning methods. This is not the case. When carpet cleaning is booked in, the company doing the work will generally ask you to do a quick vacuum beforehand. And then the company will come in and use a powerful industrial grade vacuum before starting the steam cleaning anyhow. This removes all the dirt and soil that can be vacuumed.

What Else Should You Know About Carpet Cleaning?

Effective, regular carpet cleaning is essential for every home. By performing regular maintenance like steam cleaning, you can prolong your carpet’s life by removing the deep dirt and grime embedded into the fibres. You can, however, take several steps to protect your carpet and ensure that it doesn’t need to be cleaned more often than necessary:

  • You should vacuum your carpets at least once a week, but ideally twice a week. High traffic areas should be vacuumed more frequently.
  • You should place mats near doorways to keep snow-melting salts, mud, sand and abrasive boots from damaging your carpets. These are called walk-off mats.
  • Stains should be removed as soon as possible. Do not let them soak into your carpet. Call a professional as soon as you can if a stain happens.

Why Is Dynamik’s Steam Cleaning The Best?

If you’re interested in steam cleaning your carpets, give Dynamik Carpet Cleaning a call today. We use environmentally responsible cleaners and can offer a competitive price for the area. If you want to know more about our steam cleaning process feel free to contact us anytime you need our service. Rest assured that no matter which method you choose, we can provide you with high-quality equipment that helps you get the job done.

With over 30 years of experience using the industry’s most effective tools to clean your carpets, Dynamik Carpet Cleaning provides you with deep-down steam cleaning that leaves your home looking great on any budget. Our technicians are highly-trained professionals equipped with the newest technology for carpet cleaning. That means when you work with us, you are getting an expert who will make sure every stain is removed from your home without causing further damage or harm to your carpets and fabric surfaces.

We can provide same-day service if needed and we also offer free estimates over the phone so you know how much the work will cost before we start. We cover Thornhill, North York, Woodbridge and anywhere else in the GTA.

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