Flato Markham Theatre

The Flato Markham Theatre is a public art complex located at 171 Town Centre Boulevard in the city of Markham, Ontario, Canada. It is the home theatre of the Markham Theatre Company, a community theatre group. The theatre was built in 1995 and offers a wide selection of live theatre including drama, classical music, jazz and dance.

In addition to theatre, the theatre hosts a wide variety of other arts and performances including art exhibits, comedy shows, musical acts and live concerts. The theatre is a popular spot for holding weddings. Flato Markham Theatre was named after two major financial donors from Markham: real estate developer Jack Flato and his wife Phyllis who have donated over 10 million dollars thus far to the theatre project. The theatre was designed by theatre architect Ben Schlanger and built by Bondfield Construction Company.

Flato Markham Theatre is a versatile theatre with enough seating capacity making it a perfect venue for a variety of shows. The theatre has two lobbies, the Grand Lobby and the Founders Lobby, built to provide many different styles of theatre. The Grand Lobby is at street level so as patrons enter they find themselves on the same level as the stage which provides an open feel to theatre-goers.

The Founders Lobby however is located at a mezzanine level so theatre-goers must either ride up two flights of escalators or take an elevator in order to reach their seats. This style of theatre design gives artists and theatre performers more freedom and flexibility to create theatre with different thematic elements since both lobbies are open to the theatre’s stage.

The theatre has two auditoriums. The Main Auditorium seats a hundred people and is fully equipped with sound and lights making it ideal for most types of theatre shows including musical theatre, dance recitals, acting showcases, film screenings and live concerts. It also serves as a popular place for wedding ceremonies because of its intimacy and beauty.

The smaller space known as the Mainspace Studio Theatre can seat about 50 patrons depending on the configuration set up by the theatre company or other organization that may be using it at any given time. This smaller theatre is suited well for intimate plays or drama productions as there is no separation between the stage and the audience.

Flato Markham Theatre is a theatre building that has hosted numerous events over the years. Its versatile style makes it perfect for many different types of live arts and performances which has made it a popular spot with the town’s population. It provides an intimate atmosphere for artists to perform in, while still providing overall quality equipment for shows to take place.