Protectant and Sanitizer for Carpets & Upholstery Service

Carpets and upholstery are expensive. They deserve to be protected, but what is the best way to do that? Well, there are many ways. One of them is by using protectants and sanitizers in your carpets and upholstery.

Sanitizers and protectants should be a routine part of protecting your carpets and upholstery, but they’re not the only parts of course. You also need to do a deep clean from time to time for optimal protection.

Thankfully, Dynamik offers packages for both of these services. These treatments are made specifically to protect your carpets and upholstery from everyday stains, unhealthy allergens, spills, dirt, odours and more. We even offer a service for carpet moth treatment.

Protectant and Sanitizer for Carpets & Upholstery

Dynamik has been providing our customers with professional carpet and upholstery treatments since ‘92. We have grown into one of the most trusted names around because our technicians are some of the best trained in the industry and produce the highest quality results with their cleaning.


Carpet Protector

Protectants work by coating the fibres of your carpet before the spill can stain the carpet and set in.

Our carpet protector is safe and contains no chemicals which will change the texture or appearance of your carpet. The only difference is that your carpet will not stain as easily as before. It will however be easier to clean. The lifespan of a carpet can be greatly increased with carpet protectants. The number of people who walk on your carpet each day will eventually wear it down to a point where it must be replaced. This will take a long time but it will eventually happen. But, Dynamik’s carpet protection can make your carpet last longer, saving you money on carpet replacement. Carpet protectants also help with water spots caused by humidity in your home, which can cause discolouring to carpets if left untreated.


Carpet Sanitizing

Even carpets that have been treated with protectants and carpets that are fairly new can benefit from our carpet sanitizer cleaning packages.

Having your carpets sanitized is an easy way for you to have a healthier home. You can remove bacteria and allergens from your carpet by getting them sanitized. Several allergens can settle into a carpet, including pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Dynamik can remove more than 98% of your carpet’s allergens. A thorough sanitizer treatment will be beneficial if you have allergies or you are simply sensitive to dust. With our sanitizers, we use deodorizers that remove the source of odours, so that they are eliminated, not just cover them up.

If you have pets and your carpets smell like your pets. Then you might be thinking that your only choice is to replace them. But, our sanitizer treatments can make them look and smell brand new. Even if there were pet urine bacteria causing bad odours.


Upholstery Protector

A Dynamik treatment with our upholstery protector lets you stay worry-free while enjoying your beautiful home and furnishings. Dry soil and spills have a reduced chance of not be absorbed by the fabric as the upholstery protector forms an invisible barrier that keeps them from becoming embedded in the fabric. Wiping up spills will be easier because the protector keeps the liquid on top of the fabric so you can simply wipe it up just like a spilt drink on tiles.
We will clean your upholstery before applying any fabric protector so it looks amazing. Following this, the fabric will be sprayed with a protector. This treatment will allow your upholstery to breathe. You will not also see any colour differences, nor will your fabrics become hard or brittle as a result of using them.

Reapplying a fabric protector every six months is ideal for the best protection, but, in reality, it can last approximately a year before reapplication is needed if there is no exposure to heavy traffic or spillage. We highly recommend the Dynamik fabric protector for your upholstery and furniture. You can live life, entertain, and relax knowing your furniture is protected even though


Upholstery Sanitizing

Upholstery protection is one thing, but what about sanitizing? Fabrics that make up your upholstery will also absorb odours just like carpets do. As a result, pet odours like cat urine, smoke, sweat, and other foul smells accumulate over time and can only be managed by professional cleaning. Our trained service technicians can sanitize your upholstery. This is important if you are sensitive to allergens or have pets. Having your upholstery cleaned by Dynamik and getting the sanitizer addon service will keep your upholstery not only clean and fresh. But, sanitized also.

Additionally, our extraction cleaning processes provide a deep clean that helps to remove dust mites and allergens from your upholstered furniture, leaving the air quality clean in your home while being safer to breathe.

We Use Scotchguard for Protection

We have talked a lot about protecting your carpets and furniture. But how? Well, we use a product called Scotchguard that is sprayed on your carpet or furniture.

Scotchgard is a highly advanced formula that can be applied to fabric or carpets during the manufacturing process or directly to finished textile upholstery by a professional. Scotchguard clings to each fibre of the fabric to create an invisible, protective shield that doesn’t affect the look, smell, or feel of your carpet or home furnishings.

What it does do is offer protection against dust and dirt, right through to tough grease stains caused by substances like butter and even pasta sauce. Most liquids, including oil, simply bead up on the surface to be easily blotted away with a tissue or tea towel.When spills do soak in, Scotchgard makes them easier to remove as the protected fibres repel the spill. So cleaning and vacuuming carpets and home furnishings are more effective, helping them look newer for longer.

Why Use Dynamik?

Protecting and sanitizing your carpets and upholstery is vital for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your investment. If you are looking for the best protection for your carpets and upholstery, look no further, Dynamik can help. We have almost 30 years of experience with deep cleaning all kinds of carpets and upholstery including sanitization and applying protectant coatings like Scotchguard.

We also offer a variety of services such as rug cleaning and various commercial services. If you’re in Milton, York or Pickering we can help. And anywhere else!