Spot, Stain and Odour Removal Service

Do you have a spot or stain problem? Or perhaps a foul-smelling carpet that got a lingering odour? Maybe it’s time for you to consider hiring a professional service to get rid of that stain or smell once and for all. Removing those pesky spots can save you a lot of hassle and time. Professional services do this daily and will get it done fast. It’s also really important to spot clean immediately after a stain happens. Because leaving such stains to set into the carpet, area rug, or upholstery could cause permanent damage to material and it might start to produce a bad odour.

Dynamik is the best solution for spot, stain, and odour removal. We make any stains or odours disappear! Just like magic, poof and it’s gone! You can never go wrong when you choose us. With over 30 years of experience we provide cleaning services to remove spots, stains, and odours effectively, our clients are always guaranteed a job well done. We use state-of-the-art equipment, methods, and the highest quality cleaning chemicals and products to make sure that we provide a full restoration service.

We offer our spot, stain, and odour removal treatment for all types of residential areas. This includes homes, condos, apartments, or townhomes. And we also deal with commercial settings. No matter the business you run, we can help. Our team is always ready to help you with removing spots, stains, and odours. 

Spot, Stain and Odour Removal

Quite often spots form after something spills on the carpeting like wine, ketchup, milk, or juice. Or even when food falls on the carpet. Unfortunately, if you decide to not clean right away you could be left with a permanent stain. If there happens to be a lot of liquid involved with the accident a byproduct of the staining can also be mold growth or mildew under the surface of the carpet. Which can eventually cause severe damage to the area below the carpet in the flooring. In time this can also cause an odour to come off the carpet and will give off a bad smell.

With so many different types of spots and stains that could take place on your carpets, it is important to use the correct cleaning method. If you hire us, Dynamik will get rid of any carpet stains. The first thing we will do is identify the cause of the problem. We then apply the appropriate stain treatment. This could be one of a hundred different cleaning techniques. Each stain is different and needs to be treated in the right manner. We might use steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

Each carpet stain will have a different cleaning process. Some stains require cleaning chemicals with an acidic solution and some require an alkaline solution. And some require a neutral pH cleaning solution. No matter what solution we use, our effective process is the same.

  1. We identified the stain type.
  2. We determine the best chemical reaction needed (acidic, neutral, or alkaline)
  3. We get rid of the stain.
  4. We sanitize the area
  5. You have a stain-free carpet once again

Sanitizing your carpet is an important step. It really helps to remove any odour, allergens, germs, and bacteria that may have been present due to this spot. The cleaning products and solutions that we use are safe and child-friendly. So you don’t need to worry about inhaling harsh chemicals.

Spots and Stain Removal for Area Rugs

Rugs are usually found in the common areas of the home. Such as the living room, where we mostly spend our time. They are a big part of what we use to make our house look more presentable and ‘homey’. Unfortunately, rugs are an excellent place for spillage and stains. Food can leave its mark as well as liquids such as coffee, tea, soda pop, juice, or any other kind of liquid. This should be taken care of ASAP to avoid any damage from a nasty stain that might not come off later.

When it comes to removing spots and such stains from an area rug you must know how to remove them without damaging the material. This goes beyond simple cleaning with DIY methods. If you use the wrong cleaning chemical on delicate and sensitive material you might cause permanent damage. For example, bleach products can cause colorfastness issues to rugs made from wool fibres. Using bleach on a cotton rug will destroy it.

A much better option is to have an experienced professional such as Dynamik eliminate your rug spots and stains. The process we use for the cleaning of spots and stains is a complex one and it varies depending on a few different factors.

Overall rug cleanliness:
We generally don’t just spot clean a rug that is very dirty in the first place. Otherwise, you will end up with a very strange-looking rug with one clean patch after we remove the spots or stains. The rest will remain dirty. And it will look strange. If it’s just one small stain or spot on a dirty rug we will complete an entire rug cleaning.

On-site or Off-site:
We either clean the stains on your rug at your property. Or we pick up your rug and clean it in our specialized rug cleaning facility. This will depend on the type of rug, how old the stain is, and the type of rug you have. We generally do on-site cleaning for cheaper store-bought rugs with new stains. Any rugs that are delicate or more expensive get cleaned at our rug cleaning facility to ensure we safely clean your rug and properly remove all the spots and stains.

Spots and Stain Removal for Upholstery and Furniture

One of the most frequently used surfaces of your home, and the trickiest to remove spots and stains from is upholstered furniture. Such as couches, sofas, recliners, chairs, and other surfaces that are covered in upholstery.
So what do you do if some food dropped on a couch leaving a stain? Or a dining chair was the unfortunate victim of a coffee cup that smashed on the floor with coffee splatting all over it leaving 50 little spots of coffee?

Well, you get booked in with Dynamik and we will get your upholstery cleaned and looking amazing. We can remove any stains and spots you’ve got on your furniture.

How do we clean the spots of your upholstery?

First, we determine the type of material your furniture is made out of. This will help us determine which techniques are best suited to removing those stubborn stains without damaging the fabric.

Second, we don’t just look for visible stains. We check all around your upholstery items. Spills and stains have a way of getting into all kinds of hidden areas. Especially on sofas, sectionals, recliners, upholstered chairs, and anything you can sit on.

Third, we clean the stain on the upholstery! For the most part, this will be done with a special steam cleaning tool in combination with a chemical that’s suited for the type of stain and fabric we are cleaning. Any stubborn spots that don’t come out on the first try get post-treatment. A stronger and more efficient method of getting stains out.

Odour Removal for Carpet, Rugs, and Upholstery

Over time, odours from a variety of sources accumulate and attach to carpet fibres, furniture fabric, and rugs. odours from cooking, spills, and stains that are not cleaned right away are just a few of the culprits that can leave a foul and lingering smell inside of your home. Even older stains that have not been cleaned can create strong and unpleasant smells that waft through your home. Strong odours normally come from the bacteria that builds up in a stain on your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

At Dynamik we use the latest in odour-removing technologies to help your carpets smell clean, odour-free, and wonderful. For three decades now, we have been providing our customers with affordable and effective solutions to eliminate tough odours. We can help remove odours from all carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture in your home with our complete and professional deodorizing treatment. Our treatment breaks down odours at the source and removes the lingering and unpleasant smell in your home. This is part of our stain and spot removal treatment process. When we clean spots and stains we treat your carpet, rug, or furniture with our deodorizing treatment.

For the most part, an odour will not magically present itself. Even if you can’t see any visible stains or spots. The odour will be coming from a buildup of foreign matter. In essence, this is just an invisible stain or spot that has started to smell. In turn, we treat any odour in the same manner as we do for stain removal.

How To Keep Your Home Odour Free

There are many different ways to keep a clean, fresh-smelling, and odour-free home. One way is by installing an air purifier in the house so that it can help remove any bad odours from the air as well as keeping the air fresh and clean. But, this really just masks the smell and does not deal with the source of the problem.

Another option is to keep a cleaning schedule for your carpets and upholstery. We recommend you have all of your upholstery and carpets cleaned at least once per year regardless of any spots, stains, or odour. This way you are looking after your home by keeping it smelling fresh, clean of germs, allergens, and harmful bacteria, plus dealing with stains or spills that you didn’t even know about. Remember, it isn’t just about removing stains and odours. A dirty area could cause a severe problem to your health. It’s about keeping your lungs healthy, keeping indoor pollution levels low, preventing allergies, and maintaining the cleanliness of your home to live a better quality of life.

If you have any pets that have an accident call us ASAP. We have a pet stain removal service. And lastly, make sure that any surface where food, drinks, or anything else that caused a spill, stain, or spots get cleaned immediately. If it requires a professional to come out to clean it. Get it done sooner rather than later.

Why Choose Dynamik

It’s not always easy when deciding who to trust for cleaning services but Dynamik should be your company of choice that provides proven superior results. We are committed to providing you with professionally trained technicians who are experts in stain, spot, and odour removal services so that your carpets, rugs, and upholstery are always in top shape. We provide you fast-acting solutions which are specially formulated for spot, stains, and odour removal for any kind of spill or accident.

Call today for a no-obligation quote. We will come to Woodbridge, Markham, Oakville, Milton and anywhere else.