Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink-Woodbridge

Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink is one of the best outdoor ice rinks in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. It offers many attractions that are perfect for people who want to ice skate during winter days and nights. Father Bulfon Outdoor rink has a beautiful rink surface with excellent physical features such as skate rentals and free parking. The rink also provides an ideal mood for ice skating activity-it’s not too bright or dark thanks to its natural lighting from the sun.

In Woodbridge, they have many outdoor skating rinks that are spread throughout different cities and towns. Father Bulfon Rink – located on Forest Drive, Woodbridge – has been around since the 70s when it was built by a group called The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #67 to commemorate their founder, Michael J.Bulfin who died from battle wounds he sustained during WWII.

It’s perfect for people looking for a place with an excellent rink surface and mood such as this! Many attractions include free parking spaces so you don’t need to worry about paying expensive rates at nearby lots or garages near other ice rinks within Woodbridge.

When walking into this rink, it’s almost like entering an arena that has been completely transformed during wintertime – all of these lights being turned on will make your heart skip a beat at first sight. The best part about this is that there are no prices for admission (except if you’re under 12 years old) which include skate rentals so basically everything you need for skating can be found here at one location.

There’s also plenty of seating outside as well as inside where kids can enjoy themselves – the rink is well equipped with party rooms where you can rent out for all sorts of events.

The ice rink has been a go-to destination to provide skating enthusiasts since it reopened in 2015 and although they have only been open during winter months, this has not seemed to affect their business or popularity whatsoever. The outdoor ice rink offers some features that other rinks may not offer such as professional monitoring from staff to ensure the safety of everyone who visits – there are even onsite security guards.

Furthermore, Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink also provides skate rental equipment for those who need skates but don’t have any at home; however please note that this service does come at an additional cost though so be prepared before you skate.

There are a few more features to this rink that make it well worth the visit, such as benches for those who want to sit and chat while they skate or warm up with their gloves off before returning to skating; there is also an ice-cutter on-site during opening hours which means you will never have trouble finding fresh ice if necessary!

This year Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink seems bigger than ever – don’t be surprised by how many people show up throughout the day. Without question, Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink in Woodbridge Ontario provides visitors with everything they need for a good time outside: from vendors selling hot chocolate and snacks (or other treats) right next door to easy access parking across the park.

The rink is also open from 6 am to 11 pm on weekday mornings, which means that you can skate in the morning before work and still have time for a coffee or breakfast when you’re done. All-in-all we think Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink is an excellent place to visit if you want ice skating activity at its finest.