Are There Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In Winter?

If you prefer delaying carpet cleaning until spring, then you will reconsider after reading this article. In the middle of winter, when dirt, mud, and snow are being tracked into your house regularly, having professional carpet cleaners clean your carpets may seem counterintuitive. However, keep in mind that during these dark, cold winter months, we tend to spend more time indoors, and not getting professional carpet cleaning may affect indoor air quality and the healthy environment you want inside your home. You should not worry since Dynamik is always here to keep your carpets clean and healthy no matter the season.

But first, let’s take a look at the benefits of the carpet itself during wintertime.

Benefits of Carpets In the Winter

Anyone who has lived with hardwood floors in the winter knows what a pleasure it is to have carpeting in the home. Not only are they warmer on the feet, but they also make living in the house more comfortable. Carpets trap the heat into the floor, which makes the entire house warmer and also reduces energy costs during the winter.

Having carpet in the winter will also reduce the risk of falls significantly. When hardwood floors get wet, slips and falls happen. The consequences of a fall can be critical for children and the elderly. Carpets minimize this risk considerably and look great while doing so.

As a consequence, carpets in the winter also collect significantly more dirt, mud, and even salt from the sidewalks and roads. It can lead to them becoming much dirtier much quicker, leading to health problems and just overall looking dirty. With more and more people entering the house with dirty shoes, the damage to the carpet can start to show. That’s why having your carpets professionally cleaned during wintertime is essential.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Winter

Carpet cleaning has endless benefits, particularly in the winter, especially if you wait too long, your carpet will become more stained and dusty. When you ignore minor spots and stains, your carpet can suffer significant damage.

Here are the benefits that make the winter months ideal for cleaning your carpets.

1. It’s Easier To Schedule Appointments During Winter Months

Come springtime, professional carpet cleaners become extremely busy as everyone sets up appointments to remove winter buildup. In the winter, however, that buildup is not going anywhere if you don’t clean it, and if you call during the colder months, it will be easier to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. If you wait until the last minute to have your carpets cleaned before an important event, you may not be able to schedule an appointment for weeks. Having your carpets cleaned in the winter avoids the rush while refreshing your home.

2. Eliminates All Allergens

Even though there is a risk of tracking snow and mud, carpets can stay cleaner for a longer period in winter because there will be fewer allergens and dirt accumulating. In addition to trapping allergens, dirt, dust, and other particles in its fibres, a carpet can also harbour mold and mildew when exposed to moisture. The dust and allergens that trigger asthma or allergies get trapped in the carpet fibres and can become a real problem.

When you close up your home for the winter season. As you do quite often to keep the heat in by locking all the windows and doors, all the pollutants get trapped inside, thus resulting in poor indoor air quality. A professional carpet cleaning in winter can eliminate these pollutants, making your indoor air fresh and breathable.

3. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Winter months are generally a time where families spend much more time inside. Because carpets fill up with bacteria, allergens, pet urine, and more over time, they can significantly impact the air in your breath. You want your family to enjoy a clean and healthy home and professional carpet cleaning is a great solution.

The good news is that carpet cleaning can remove 95% of airborne bacteria from your carpet, making your home a safer place to be during the winter season.

4. Protects Carpets From Increased Foot Traffic And Spills

There is a greater possibility of spills, stains, and dirt on your floors during the winter months. With more guests in your home during the winter, especially during the holidays, there is more soiling from foot traffic and a higher chance of stains occurring.

By having your carpets cleaned and opting for Dynamik’s carpet stain protectant as part of your service, your carpets become more resistant to dirt and staining and will repel liquid more effectively. The stain guard, known as Scotchguard, surrounds each carpet fibre with a protective barrier, protecting your carpets from spills, stains, and increased foot traffic.

5. Quick Drying Times

There are often fewer people who schedule professional carpet cleaning in the winter because they don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to wait around for their carpets to dry. There is, however, little chance of humidity taking over your home when it’s cold outside. The lower humidity index of this season helps the moisture to evaporate quickly, so carpets tend to dry a little faster. This means that you should have quick drying times in combination with your central heating system being on.

Additionally, our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with a powerful fan called an industrial air mover that can help you dry your carpet so that you can enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides during the cold winter months. Therefore, you won’t have to take time off of work or rearrange your schedule just to wait for your carpet to dry.

6. Improve Overall Life Of Your Carpet

A certain amount of care and attention must be given to your carpet during the winter months. As well, after a long period of intensive use, your carpets might not appear so beautiful and inviting. Due to the moisture, humidity, and dirt, the carpet can appear old and dirty. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is an excellent choice for your carpet.

Cleaning the carpet with a professional carpet cleaner can remove all dirt, dust, and germs from the carpet, keeping it looking cleaner than before and extending its lifespan. The average carpet is expensive, so you want it to last as long as possible. Hire Dynamik, the area’s best carpet cleaning company, to help your carpet last a long time.

Final Thoughts

In the wintertime, it may seem difficult to have your carpets cleaned, but it’s not. Dynamik takes steps to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible with minimal disruptions to your daily lives. Having your carpets cleaned will be greatly offset by the benefits you receive from having a healthy, clean indoor environment for you and your family.

Don’t delay. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning service, call us now to schedule an appointment. We service all over including Maple, York and Oshawa.

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