Dry Carpet Cleaning

Are you tired of your carpet looking soiled and dirty? If so, you may want to consider dry carpet cleaning. As the name implies, it is a “dry” cleaning service. We use specialized equipment to remove dirt and stains without making your carpet wet. This is a preferred option if you have carpet in an area that can’t use a wet cleaning method. Or, say a commercial setting where carpets are needed 24/7.

We will clean your carpet with a special cleaner in combination with a special cleaning compound that is designed for dry carpet cleaning. It’s also easier on your carpets. What does this mean? You will not have to worry about any risks associated with wet carpet cleanings such as mold and mildew since the method is water-free. Yet the result is the same, stain-free and soil-free carpets.

Dry cleaning is also a fast process. How long does it take? Well, that depends on the area that needs to be cleaned but a small apartment takes about an hour and a family home of 3 or 4 bedrooms takes about two hours.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Dynamik has been helping our customer’s carpets stay clean by using dry carpet cleaning for over 30 years. Your carpets should be dry cleaned every six to twelve months. Here’s our process for dry cleaning:

Step #1 – Vacuum
Before we dry clean your carpets, we’ll vacuum. Vacuuming removes dirt, dust, and other particles from your carpet fibres that could otherwise stain your carpet during the dry cleaning process.

Step #2 – Apply the Cleaning Compound
A specialized cleaning compound is evenly applied to the carpets. We then brush the compound over the carpet to push it into the carpet fibres. This allows the cleaners to go deep into the carpet and absorb all the dirt within the grime of your carpet. How does this process work? Well, once applied the cleaning compound turns into crystallized power. All the dirt, grime, germs and bacteria in your carpet stick to this crystallized power.
The compound is left to sit for a while. This allows the compound to absorb as much dirt as possible.

Step #3 – Attend to Stains
We will then attend to any stains on your carpet that need extra work. To ensure the stains disappear, we use a thistle brush to push the compound deep into the fibres. The compound helps the stain stick to powder when we vacuum the compound.

Step #4 – Vacuum the Compound
Finally, we vacuum the carpet to get rid of the cleaning powder compound. If the powder did its job, and it will, the first round will lift a large portion of the dirt and make your carpet look very clean.

Step #5 – Repeat
Any stubborn areas of the carpet will get another round of steps one to four. We repeat this process until all stubborn areas have been dealt with.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Dry Cleaning Process?

The dry cleaning technique offers several benefits.

No Dry Time
The dry cleaning process does not involve any water or moisture. Instead, powders are used to clean the carpet, leaving it dry. There is no need to rinse. Therefore, there is no drying time. You can use the carpet right away when we’re done. If you want to clean your carpets in a short time frame, or rather need to due to the situation of where the carpet is located then this method is perfect for you. Imagine hosting an event in the morning and the carpet needed a clean after from several stains. But you have another event scheduled for the afternoon. This is when a dry method of carpet cleaning is highly beneficial as you could have the stains removed during those two events.

No Residue, No Mold and No Shampoo
No liquid is used. Unlike most other carpet cleaning methods where there is a possibility that the residue provides a breeding environment for germs and mold if the carpet does not dry properly. Shampoo carpet cleaning works by attracting dirt and dust particles. Shampoos tend to be difficult to remove from a carpet. There may be some residual residue leftover. As a result, the residue will attract more dust instead of keeping the carpet clean. There is also no residue with dry cleaning that’s leftover as the cleaning agent is a dry powder that is vacuumed up.

Permanent Stain Removal
During cleaning, the stains will be removed. Got stubborn stains or spots? They are easy to remove as we simply use extra powder until the stain disappears. Stains can hide behind damp carpet only to appear when a carpet dries. With dry cleaning, this is not possible as no water is used.

Health Benefits
Dust and dirt are completely sucked out once we vacuum the powder. Dust in the air is typically harmful to people with allergies and asthma. It’s not good even for those without health issues. Our dry cleaning equipment ensures that a dirty carpet is cleaned and will be dust-free once we are finished.

Dry Cleaned Carpets Last Longer
Steam cleaning with water involves several processes that are quite harsh to carpets. The fibre becomes soft and loose as a result. With dry cleaning, the carpet is cleaned without changing its structure. The result? Dry cleaned carpets look fresh and can last much longer.

When Should Dry Cleaning Be Used?

When you have allergies or asthma, dry carpet cleaning may be the best option. No water’s used so there’s no risk of mold growth from a carpet that never dried out properly. Another reason is if you need the carpet to be usable right away. There is no dry time with our cleaning process. And finally, if you live in an apartment, condo or a hard-to-reach area you might not have the option of anything but dry carpet cleaning due to the heavy nature of other equipment for other cleaning methods.

Do You Recommend DIY Dry Cleaning?

No, and it’s not just about getting your business. The main reason why we discourage you from doing it yourselves is that carpets are very delicate. If you make a mistake dry cleaning the damage has been done. When you hire a professional you get decades of experience and the mental satisfaction of knowing the dry cleaning will be done right.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Professionally Dry Cleaned?

There are a few things to consider, such as the number of people living in your house, whether anyone smokes inside, the age of your carpet, whether shoes get worn on the carpet, and whether you vacuum frequently or not. Additionally, if you have a pet, you should consider that even if you can’t see then you will likely have pet stains. Nevertheless, you should dry clean your carpets at least once a year as a bare minimum. You can, however, have your carpets dry cleaned more frequently due to a variety of factors as mentioned above. Dynamik recommends cleaning at least twice per year especially if you tick all the boxes with the above-mentioned criteria.

Why Pick Dynamik for Dry Cleaning?

By using this method, carpets will dry quickly and be ready for re-use in almost no time. You won’t have to worry about lingering chemical odours or getting an allergic reaction such as a rash from carpet fibres with lingering chemical residue. Dynamik’s specialized cleaning solution is safe for humans and animals. Dynamik has been operating since 1992. With over 30 years of experience providing dry carpet cleaning services, we know how to get the job done right and make your carpets look fresh on round one! Call today for a quote.

We also offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning. And we cover Markham, Whitby, North York and more!