How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

What’s the best way to choose a quality carpet cleaning company?

It goes beyond simply conducting an internet search and picking the first company that comes up. Carpets are one of your home’s best assets so you want experienced professionals who will do things right- which means hiring someone with lots of experience with all types of carpet including yours! But, how do you find this company?

Follow the tips below to find the right carpet cleaning service for your needs.

Consider the Carpet Cleaning Process

There are many different types of carpets that homeowners can choose from to suit any need. Some treatments, like steam cleaning or wet-cleanings, may require a longer drying time but are generally better than “dry” methods.

While both are good, carpet steam cleaning is generally better for household carpet that also needs stain removal.

You want to choose a company that offers the treatment methods that work best for your home and family. Some treatments use powerful chemicals, while others rely on steam power or environmentally friendly products; you’ll need a method that works best for you. Most people can deal with chemicals. But, some people are sensitive and therefore eco-cleaning is a better option.

Research Prospective Carpet Cleaning Companies

It is important to investigate all prospective companies before hiring a carpet cleaner. Talk with your friends and family, as well as checking online reviews on sites like Google so that you can find the best professional service for your needs!

Once you’ve settled on several cleaners in the proximity of where you need the work done call them and ask them about their services. Ask them about their cleaning process. Do you get short and abrupt answers? Or does the person you talk to go into detail about how they will clean the carpets in your home and is happy to speak with you. You want to go with the company that treats you well on the phone.

Avoid the Lowest Price Option for Carpet Cleaning

You may want to save money, but when it comes to carpet cleaning the company with low prices will not always be your best option. These companies offer a low price simply as an enticement and once they come into our home you will often find that you’re upsold on more expensive services that were never originally needed.

Or this takes place on the phone. You answer an advert online about carpet cleaning that costs $19 per room and somehow the price that you end up with is way off the mark from the advertised price.

Make sure you choose quality over price. The company that quotes you correctly based on what you need cleaning is generally the better option. The reality is that while carpet cleaning might only take a few hours of work for an average 2000sq ft house. The price for quality carpet cleaning will not be rock bottom at $19 per room.

A real business has real costs. Quality commercial-grade equipment comes with a price tag. The cleaning chemical comes with a price tag. Each job puts wear and tear on the equipment that will need to be replaced in time. The business also needs to make money.

This is why it’s a great idea to avoid cheap marketing tactics. Your carpet is an asset in your home. And the last thing you want is someone coming into your home that damages the carpet who does not carry insurance. Pick the experienced company over a cheap one.

Ask About Included Carpet Cleaning Services

When you call carpet companies, ask what is included in the quoted price. Will they move furniture? Does it cost extra to clean high-traffic areas like stairs and corners of a room that get used often? Are pet urine stains included? And are stains that have been on the carpet for a long time going to be included?

This also goes both ways. When you call for a quote you should be transparent in what you need to be cleaned. You shouldn’t be asking to get a quote for 3 bedrooms when you have 3 bedrooms, 2 carpeted staircases, carpeted hallways, and several pet stains.

Why? A good carpet cleaning company will never have stock pricing. Pricing is based on the job that needs to be done. If there are pet stains then special chemicals need to be used which adds to the cost. If there are stairs that are heavily soiled the job will take longer and this affects the price. Following along with pets if you are moving out of a property or into a property and you had pets you generally want to do a sanitize and deodorize to remove the smell of pets. This again adds time to the job and the cost.

The best outcome for both you and the carpet cleaning company is when you provide them with an accurate description of what needs to be cleaned. And when the company off their own back also asks you some questions to get a real understanding of what you need to be cleaned. this is the perfect situation.

Consider the Employees

When you hire a carpet cleaner, it’s important to take into account that they will be in your home. Make sure and only deal with professionals companies that screen their employees for criminal backgrounds! A quality company should also try their best at making amends if something happens during the cleaning process – after all, we don’t want our carpets ruined either.

Something else to think about is how much experience the carpet cleaning tech has that will be coming into your home to do the cleaning. Is it someone who has recently started their career? Or is it someone that has 20+ years of experience cleaning carpet and just by looking at a dirty carpet they can tell you how long it will take and how clean it will get? You want the latter!

If it’s not the latter. And it is someone that has less experience you can ask about their training and equipment. Why? Because seasoned veterans generally have high-end equipment as they know this is what it takes to clean carpets and make them look amazing again. They learnt this very quickly at the start of their career as carpet cleaning professionals.

Newcomers sometimes hire cheap commercial cleaning equipment even on a per-job basis from the local hardware store, with no training, and think it’s as simple as that. When it’s much more complex.

What Carpet Cleaning Guarantee is Provided?

Everyone loves a guarantee. It’s how you are sold into things. If something doesn’t work out you can fall back on the guarantee, right? Wrong!

The reality is that while lots of companies like to claim they can remove every stain possible. This is simply not possible. And this is exactly why a good carpet cleaning company will ask you several questions when you call them.

For the most part, if a company has a good reputation and the carpet has been used in a normal manner then it will come out looking like new. Where guarantees that can be guaranteed come in is generally with stains. If a stain has been worked on in the past and it didn’t come out it’s likely not going to come out. Especially if a store-bought cleaning agent was used to try to get it out.

That’s also a tip for you. If an accident takes place. Don’t work on the stain. Dab it up with a dry towel and some clean water and then call a professional to remove the stain. Fresh stains that have not been worked on can easily be removed.

Was a Free Estimate Provided?

Does a company provide free estimates? The company must provide a quote before anything goes ahead. As you do not want to have work done and be hit with a nasty surprise at the end of it all.

Another reason for a price upfront is that a quality company with experienced carpet cleaners knows what they are dealing with. After cleaning 1000s of carpets it’s all the same. There are no more surprises. In-home estimates are not needed. Sometimes you might be asked to text photos of a particular stain before getting a quote. This is a good thing. It means you are dealing with a reputable company that is trying to help you.

Conclusion – Make Your Choice and Book in Your Carpet Cleaning

With the information above you should have everything you need to choose from picking the best carpet cleaning company to help clean your carpets.

To recap you want:

  • A company that provides carpet steam cleaning.
  • Has glowing reviews on Google and other places online.
  • Doesn’t provide the lowest price and quotes the job based on what’s needed.
  • Has experienced cleaning technicians.
  • Doesn’t provide over-hyped guarantees.
  • Provides a free estimate over the phone or by asking for photos.

If you can find a company such as this you have found the right company. Dynamik Carpet Cleaning is a company like this. Feel free to call us to get a quote and make sure that you ask us as many questions as possible. We are here to help. We offer our carpet cleaning services across Durham including Pickering, York and Stouffville and beyond.

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