Stairway Carpet Cleaning

Do you want to keep your home inviting for not only guests but for yourself and your family? If so, then it is time to start thinking about getting your stairway carpets cleaned.
Stairway carpets are very often overlooked when it comes to general carpet cleaning. This is a mistake, as they are often the most heavily walked-on carpets in your home and can get quite dirty over time. Clean carpet on stairs is a vital part of a clean home.

For starters, stairway carpets that have been neglected will start to smell bad when not properly cared for. They also won’t look their best because of all the dirt and grime buildup from foot traffic using the stairs every day. Stairs act like a magnet for those nasty odours and stains which leads to an unpleasant atmosphere at home. It’s not even just about stains. Think about the natural oils coming off your feet hitting the carpet over and over. Or the germs being tracked from one room to the stains that are invisible. To have a clean-looking home, you need to make sure that there is no dirt on the carpet in these high-traffic areas.

Dynamik offers a range of cleaning services that can help get your stairway carpets spotless.

Carpeted Stairs Cleaning

Having carpet on the stairs is a beautiful and comfortable option for any home, but it can also be a laborious task to keep them clean. Steps get a lot of foot traffic, and the high traffic means dirt builds up. Additionally, climbing and descending the stairs grinds that dirt deeper and deeper into the carpet every day.

Even the best-kept homes can suffer stubborn stains and soil due to dirt and debris settling into carpeted stairs. Thankfully, there are effective ways to clean and maintain your stairs. This is how we deal with stairway carpet cleaning:

Step One: Vacuuming ​Your Carpeted Stairs
We vacuum the stairs with an industrial-grade vacuum that is much more powerful than a store-bought vacuum. When we vacuum, we start at the top and work our way down so that we do not have to walk back over the stairs after we are done. Using this powerful vacuum that is designed specifically for stairs allows us to effectively clean each step, even hard-to-reach areas, from top to bottom.

We use a special brush roller attachment that agitates the dirt, kicks it up, and carries it into the vacuum. Since stairs have a lot of up and down movements, dirt deeply embeds itself into your carpet. This is why we use a special attachment just for the stains. The same process applies to the landing. We then repeat the entire process once again to ensure we remove as much dirt, debris and soil from the stains as possible.

​Step Two: Steam Cleaning Your Carpeted Stairs
Steam cleaning is a popular way to clean carpets, even stairs. Our method uses a commercial-grade carpet cleaner that boils water that turns to steam. The steam along with a cleaning solution penetrates the carpet and dislodges the dirt. The rapid force of the steam blasts the dirt out of the carpet fibres. The excess water and debris are then extracted from the carpet. This entire process happens countless times every second. Hot stream injection and extraction happens simultaneously. We do this for each step until the staircase is finished.

Steam cleaning your carpets is an excellent way to refresh them without having to scrub them down. In addition, it can also remove mildew spores or mold from carpet that you never knew was there. We use a variety of commercial cleaning solutions, which do not result in carpet discoloration.

​Step Three: Shampooing Your Carpeted Stairs (If Required)
Shampooing is an excellent method of refreshing carpets and is used if we feel steam cleaning won’t do the job. This is reserved for extremely soiled stairs. Our cleaning process is designed to lift dirt out of the carpet fibres with a powerful shampoo carpet cleaning machine. We use a special machine for this that will shampoo the stairs. And then we use another machine that will rinse and extract the shampoo from each step to ensure there is no residue. Shampooing does leave the carpeted stairs damp so the stairs can not be used while they dry.

Shampooing carpeted stairs has the benefit of removing dirt and stains from carpet, which is particularly helpful in households with children and or pets with snowy and muddy winters.
Once we are done you will have amazing-looking and clean stairs!

Why Do Stairway Carpets Need To Be Deep Cleaned?

Vacuuming your stairs carpet is a great way to keep surface dirt off of them. However, deep cleaning goes a step further and actually washes the carpet fibres and removes dirt deep within the carpet. In addition to removing the most harmful dirt, deep cleaning is also helpful for removing stains, odours, and allergens. It is extremely important to do this since using a vacuum alone is not going to get these things out of the stairs. This is also a good way to preserve your carpets for a long time, so you won’t have to replace them so soon.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, stairs are frequently neglected since they are difficult to clean without special equipment. That’s why Dynamik created an effective and affordable way to deep clean stairway carpets without any hassle. You don’t need to worry about dirty carpeted stairs, we can clean them! In Pickering, Maple, Milton, Richmond Hill and else where.

How Often Should You Clean Carpeted Stairs?

To ensure that you and your family live in a clean and healthy home environment you need to stay on top of cleaning the carpet of your stains. Here are a few simple ways to keep your carpet in good condition.

Step #1 – Make sure that you are spot cleaning all liquid spills as soon as they occur to prevent stains from spreading to carpeted stairs and becoming tough stains that are hard to remove. You should use a proven carpet cleaning product and a cloth to remove spilled liquids. You should not leave these liquids unattended as they may damage your carpet in the future.

Step #2 – Clean your stairs with a vacuum cleaner regularly to prevent dirt and debris from building up. It is always a good idea to vacuum frequently, as dry soil particles can penetrate the carpet and scratch the fibres. This leads to early carpet deterioration.

Step #3 – By placing mini-blinds over the windows, you can keep the direct sunlight away from carpeted stairs. Continuous sun exposure can fade carpets and shorten their lifespan.

Step #4 – You may want to consider purchasing a runner to place on your stairs. Carpet runners add protection to carpeted stairs from pet hair, embedded dirt and dust. Additionally, this will help keep your staircase carpets cleaner for longer and there will be less need to clean them. And you can get almost any kind of pattern to suit your taste.

Step #5 – Last and most importantly, have your carpeted stairways professionally clean at least once a year. More often if needed as mentioned above. This can make your carpets feel and look brand new.

Dynamik Is the No. 1 Cleaning Company for Carpeted Stairways

If you are looking for a professional company that can clean your carpeted stairs, then contact Dynamik. Our team has been providing services since 1992. If there is one thing we know, it’s stairs! We know how to clean carpeted stairs correctly, no matter the situation, the first time!

We have the necessary skills and equipment to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from your stairway carpets. Dynamik can handle any type of stairway carpet whether the stairs have a runner or are entirely carpeted. Even if they are spiral or curved staircases. We also offer other specialized services for basement carpet cleaning and condo and apartment carpet cleaning.

Why not book your stairway carpet cleaning today?