Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Carpets add style to the décor of any commercial building. It is more budget-friendly than a hard floor plus it enhances the aesthetics of any room it’s in. However, the chance that staff or customers having allergies triggered or other issues if carpets aren’t kept clean and tidy is always a possibility since they absorb dust, germs and allergens like a magnet. Dynamik is proud to offer bonnet carpet cleaning which we have been providing for roughly 30 years now. And, we highly recommend it for any carpeted commercial premises.

Bonnet carpet cleaning is a type of dry cleaning that has been around for over 80 years. Traditionally, bonnets were used to remove dirt from the furniture with wet cloths and using suction-power generated by hand pumps. Since then, its name has increasingly been attributed to vacuum cleaners with rotating brush rolls since they provided superior results to the original method. 

Through the years, Dynamik has served many commercial clients that now exclusively trust us with their commercial carpet cleaning. We provide the best bonnet carpet cleaning service you will find. We set ourselves apart from the competition and provide exclusive and tailored commercial services.

Our professionals are highly skilled and operate the latest equipment and machines. They are experienced with at least 10 years on the job and are very hard-working. They deliver excellent quality professional bonnet carpet cleaning services for hotels, offices and other commercial buildings.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Service

Here is how Dynamik performs the bonnet cleaning method:

Step #1 – Vacuuming and Colourfast Test
Vacuuming thoroughly before any cleaning is mandatory. By doing this, loose dirt particles will be removed, and the overall cleaning process will be more effective.
We also complete a chemical colorfast test in an inconspicuous area to make sure the cleaning solution we will use is safe to use on your carpets. We combine this test with the manufacturer’s recommendations to pick the right cleaning solution.

Step #2 – Spot and Stain Removal
Before we use the bonnet machine cleaner, we make sure to remove any spots or stains that can be found in your carpet pile. This is done with a spot and stain remover.

Step # 3 – Bonnet Cleaning
Next, we put the bonnet cleaner to work on your carpets. The pump-up sprayer in the floor machine is used to spray the chemical solution and dampen the soiled areas of your carpet without using excess water. We then place the pad with scrub strips on the machine and then get to work. We agitate the dampened area, overlapping each pass. This scrubbing action in combination with the chemical transfers the dirt from the carpet onto the pad.

Step #4 – Drying Time
We use a blower to accelerate the drying time. When the floor is dry, we vacuum the area to remove any powdered soil that was lifted out of the carpet during the bonnet cleaning. The drying time takes roughly two hours.
The cleaning method system we have at Dynamik is an excellent procedure to maintain a high-quality appearance level in your carpets. And a very suitable process for commercial settings as the dry time is fast. This is a very important factor for any business with staff and customers generally returning within 8 hours of closing its doors the night before.

What Is a Bonnet Machine?

Basically, a bonnet machine is like a rotary floor buffer, operates in circular motions to loosen and remove dirt particles from carpets. An absorbent spin pad is also part of the bonnet, this pad attracts and absorbs most of the dust particles, which are drawn into a specially designed pouch that can be emptied and washed later. The bonnet pad is changed quite often to produce maximum results. The pad is then washed and re-used as needed. Otherwise, mold could grow inside the machine, creating a foul odour as well as being harmful to people.

When To Use Bonnet Carpet Cleaning?

Bonnet carpet cleaning is best used for commercial carpet cleaning due to the fact the machines can cover large surface areas quite fast. Other notable times we recommend this carpet cleaning method:

  • It is for spot cleaning and/or to maintain the look of a carpet on a monthly basis. Or in between extraction carpet cleaning that might be performed once per year.
  • For extremely high-traffic areas where there is not enough time to use steam cleaning in areas such as a busy hotel lobby that must stay open 24/7. In these cases, the convenience of bonnet-cleaning outweighs other carpet cleaning methods that require large amounts of water and long dry times.
  • Lastly, for carpets that have a history of being exclusively bonnet cleaned. Switching to steam cleaning or hot water extraction after prolonged bonnet cleaning may cause staining because of the large amount of impacted dirt that will be lifted up.

How Long Does a Bonnet Cleaning Take?

Bonnet cleaning is extremely versatile, which means that it can be used on a variety of surfaces throughout your property. It typically takes about a few hours for a few thousand square feet to be cleaned. And you get excellent results with this method because bonnet cleaners are designed for large areas. In addition, you’ll notice that the results are more consistent and there’s a smaller chance of oversights or missed spots. This is due to the fact that we make several passes over each area.

Benefits of Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning comes with many benefits:

Removes Dirt
Gently lifts surface dirt and grime from a carpet even if it has been in contact with the carpet for a long time.

Absorbs Moisture
It is capable of absorbing a great deal of moisture. This is important in a commercial setting as downtime must stay at a minimum.

Speed Drying
When using this method, it dries quickly. Why? As it’s a low-moisture method that does not use much water. Your staff can be back to work in roughly two hours.

Competitive Price
As a business or property owner, making decisions when it comes to carpet care can sometimes be a challenge. Worry no more because Dynamik offers affordable prices that save you money while giving you the service you deserve.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Bonnet Cleaning for Your Carpets?

For many years, bonnet cleaning was a standard in carpet cleaning. Then things changed and it was commonly believed, even to this day, that it does not properly clean carpets as it’s just spin cleaning moving dirt around. Even many carpet manufacturers do not recommend the method. Because it’s said it tends to wear down and strip carpet fibres.

But, the question to ask yourself is this. If this was really the case why do Dynamik and others offer a service that does not clean the carpet and even cause damage? Well, the answer is that it’s simply not true. Bonnet cleaning definitely has its place in the world of commercial floor care. The bonnet system doesn’t use hot water extraction, this is where the myth comes from. It cannot remove soil if it’s deeply stained into the carpet and this is a fact. But, this is exactly why we combine bonnet cleaning with step two above. A spot clean is completed on stains and the bonnet is used for 95% of the carpet that needs a refresh.

Consequently, rapid re-soiling can potentially take place as the process can wear the carpet down somewhat. Bonnet cleaning is a method that needs to take place more often than other methods of cleaning – like extraction. But, this is also counteracted with the fact the method is generally cheaper than other methods that are more expensive. Furthermore, using a bonnet cleaning system can make it difficult to reach edges or corners. But, once again. We counteract this with a combination of cleaning methods to make sure we get into every corner. No areas of the carpet are left unclean.

Dynamik has been performing bonnet carpet cleaning for about 30 years. We know all about the issue that can be raised. But we stand by our method. We have perfected our cleaning techniques and we can still provide a deep clean that will have your carpets looking brand new. We also offer encapsulation carpet cleaning. and shampoo carpet cleaning.

Recommended Carpet Maintenance

Before booking an appointment you need to know the history of your carpet. If your carpet has a history of bonnet cleaning then it is best to stick to the same thing. Additionally, if you schedule a cleaning on a monthly basis to maintain your carpets, hot water extraction cleaning should also take place at least semi-annually.

With proper maintenance, the life of a good carpet should be about 8 to 10 years.

Why Choose Dynamik?

Dynamik has been in the carpet care business for around 30 years. We are among one of the most well-established cleaning companies in the industry. We offer bonnet cleaning services which is a high-quality, low-moisture method that involves the use of pads. Soil is agitated and removed from the carpet. Vacuums are used to deal with any leftover debris.

We are very proud of our A+ rating when it comes to bonnet carpet cleaning. Our cleaning uses water sparingly. We are in and out of your business quite fast. Our team of technicians is well-trained and uses only state-of-the-art equipment. 100% satisfaction is a top priority for us. So we make sure that we are providing you with the best possible bonnet carpet cleaning service. We have many corporate clients that exclusively use our company and won’t change.

If you are looking for a quality and reasonably priced company to provide a carpet cleaning service, we can help. Just give us a call to chat with one of our friendly professionals and getting book in. We can come out to Whitby, Pickering, Thornhill, Brampton or somewhere else.