Residential Carpet Cleaning

Even when you are careful and try to keep your home clean, your home’s surfaces can become dirty. With family members constantly moving around, your once clean carpets can very easily become dirty and soiled.

The carpets in your home should be enjoyed, but if your carpets do not undergo regular cleaning, they can be uncomfortable and even unhealthy. The process of regular carpet cleaning doesn’t only help your carpet’s lifespan and longevity but the indoor air quality of your home. Regularly cleaning to reduce allergens, dust and dirt help improve your carpets for a healthy, happier and cleaner home.

Dynamik has state-of-the-art carpet cleaners, the best equipment, used by fully trained professionals and the best carpet cleaning solutions that can tackle even the toughest cleaning needs you might be dealing with.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Most people tend to believe that carpets need to be cleaned primarily to make them look nice. That is certainly one reason why carpet cleaning should be scheduled regularly. It is important to realize that carpet cleaning is also an investment in the health of your family.

Carpets in residential homes can quickly collect dirt, bacteria, dust mites and allergens. Though not always visible on the surface, these contaminants can pollute the indoor air quality that you breathe every day. Why? Well, your carpet acts as a sort of air filter in your house. When dust, dirt, bacteria, and dust mites accumulate on your carpet, over time you will begin to breathe in that buildup. Carpets that often appear clean may be much dirtier than you think.

Dynamik offers several services such as 24 hour emergency carpet cleaning and condo and apartment carpet cleaning plus the service below:

Residential Stain Removal

Carpet stains come in all shapes and sizes. It can be everything from soil carried in on shoes and pet’s paws to wine spills, food stains, oil stains and pet dander. Dynamik has nearly thirty years of residential carpet cleaning experience, so we have seen every type of stain. Tough stains remove and require special treatment. But most stains, such as coffee or food spillage on the carpet in a regular room or even on stairs, are easily removed with our standard deep clean processes.

Dynamik’s trained professionals are armed with state-of-the-art products and equipment, as well as the right cleaning solution plus the knowledge and experience to remove virtually any spots or stubborn stains. Our technicians are trained to identify both the type of stain and the fabric type to apply the appropriate stain removal solutions and techniques that are also recommended by carpet manufacturers. We use either a steam cleaning or a special hot water extraction solution and process.

If you have carpet stains call on Dynamik’s stain removal specialists today.

Residential Odour Removal Services

Carpet acts as a magnet for all kinds of odours. If you live in a carpeted home this is impossible to avoid. We can help with all types of odours that are deeply embedded into carpet fibres.

Cooking Odours
Cooking odours can become embedded in virtually any fabric in your home and while regular cleaning helps, it will not remove fully remove these stubborn odours. Dynamik’s odour removal and sanitizing services can help remove these stubborn odours leaving your home smelling fresh and new.

Smoke Odours
Smoke odour is one of the most difficult odours to eliminate when cleaning carpets due to its ability to permeate virtually everything including carpet fibre. There are several surfaces in your home that can harbour smoke odours, including carpets. We can sanitize and clean your carpets thoroughly so the quality of air inside your home can be enhanced and make it smell great again.

Pet Stains and Odours
Your carpet is likely to be the source of most pet odours in your home. If the carpet is where your pet spends the majority of its time it’s impossible to not accumulate an odour. Carpets can hold odours from pet dander, pet hair, skin cells, and all those little accidents. The hair and dander in carpets can be minimized with regular vacuuming, and fast cleaning if an accident occurs. However, over time, these odours will build up and your carpets will need professional cleaning. Especially if there was a urine stain that happened.

The cleaning products we use for pet stains and odours are safe for humans and your pets in York, Ajax, Mississauga and the whole GTA.

Residential Steam Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning improves indoor air quality, adheres to carpet warranties, and keeps a carpet’s perfect appearance intact for a long time. How well carpets are maintained determines their longevity and lifespan. We follow a detailed, process-oriented, and hassle-free carpet steam cleaning process. Our approach to cleaning with our carpet cleaner is designed to give our clients the best cleaning experience using a machine with advanced cleaning technology.

Carpet Care and Maintenance for Your Home

If you have a small spill or spot, clean it carefully and quickly, while it is still wet, following our stain guide. Use an absorbent material such as paper or cotton towels to absorb as much as possible. If there is a large volume of liquid, we recommend calling a professional for proper and thorough carpet cleaning, as it will be difficult to extract on your own. It is also important to vacuum the carpet regularly so that you can maintain a clean appearance. How frequently you should vacuum is based on how must dust is in the home and how much use the area gets, but a good rule of thumb is once per week for all of your carpet, and 2-3 times per week for high-traffic areas.

Finally, a professional carpet deep cleaning service prevents premature wear, improves the appearance and prolongs their life. Dynamik recommends a service every 6 to 12 months to maintain the warranty of your carpet and to keep it looking amazing. It is imperative to use a trustworthy company for your carpets. Dynamik is five-star rated and has 30 years on the job experience. It really will be worth every penny. Carpets are an important investment in your home so make sure they last a long time by taking care of them.

Why Choose Dynamik?

It’s always been our goal to provide the highest quality services. We never leave a home without checking every inch and every corner to ensure that our work meets our high standards. We like to think of your home as mom’s home. We only finish the job you booked in with us for residential carpet cleaning once your carpet looks spectacular.

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