Allergy Control Treatment Carpet Cleaning

If you can’t stop sneezing or itching whenever you’re in your home, an office or any commercial buildings. Or you see this happening with others, say customers in your store. The carpet might be the culprit that’s causing issues for allergy sufferers. Carpets are perfect breeding grounds for allergens which can be a major contributor to allergy symptoms in people. Allergens usually refer to proteins or larger molecules that enter the body, provoking an immune response. The term is typically used when referring to substances that are released by plants, animals or other living organisms. The following are the common allergens that can be found in your carpets.

Dust Mites – These tiny creatures love the indoor climate and particularly in carpet areas with moisture. They absorb the moisture created from those surfaces to survive. House dust mite excrement is one of the most common triggers of asthma symptoms, hypersensitive nasal mucous membrane inflammations, chronic dermatitis and eczema. A dust mite treatment is very important to those who are sensitive.

Pet Dander – This is a microscopic fleck of skin shed by cats, dogs, and other animals with fur or feathers. It is generally observed that older pets produce more pet dander than younger ones. As animal dander circulates in the air for a longer period than most allergens, it can easily be transferred from one home to another, even if no animals live on the property and worsen asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Mold – This fungus is usually found in damp, dark and poorly ventilated areas. Sometimes spoiled food or spilt liquids can contain this chemical as well as household dust. Breathing in large quantities of mold can cause allergies and respiratory issues. There is some mold, known as toxic mold, toxins may cause neurological problems, particularly after long-term exposure.

Allergy Relief Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether it’s residential or commercial areas, allergens can create problems for people who have allergies or respiratory illnesses. You don’t have to remove carpeting. Luckily, a variety of cleaning solutions and methods are available that can help remove these allergens from the environment and provide allergy control treatment with non-toxic carpet cleaning to those in need.

Dynamik has been performing allergy control treatment for many years. We know that carpets attract allergens, this is a bad thing. It is important to clean them whenever you get the chance. By hiring the services of Dynamik, you will undoubtedly be able to breathe easier and enjoy the space you live or work in. Our technicians are fully trained on how to deal with the removal of allergens that are found in carpets.

Benefits of Allergy Relief Treatment Through Carpet Cleaning

Getting allergy control treatment carpet cleaning brings several benefits to your health and to the environment you live in. The benefits of an allergy cleaning can range from being able to breathe easier, better air quality, lessening possible illnesses that are caused by high levels of allergens present in dirty carpets.

Breathing Easier: By removing all sorts of allergens present on your carpets such as dust mites and pet dander, you will experience less sneezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. You will also notice that your sinuses are not as congested which leads to a better overall quality of life.

Better Air Quality: By removing allergens from the carpets in your home or office, there is an influx of fresh air coming through these areas which will, in turn, make these areas healthier.

Fewer Triggers: When you remove allergens from your home or office building’s carpets, this reduces the number of possible triggers that are caused by high levels of allergens present in dirty carpets. Such as itchy skin and sneezing.

Better Health: With fewer allergens around people who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses, they will be able to live a better life. They should feel more comfortable in their home or office and have less trouble breathing as well.

Regular cleaning also helps to keep the carpets cleaner which is better for those with allergies. Why? There is less dust and those will allergies are generally also sensitive to dust.

Our Allergy Treatment Control Treatment Process

There are five steps in our allergy control treatment process. It’s a combination of carpet steam cleaning with allergy control treatment.

Step #1 – Pre-Inspection
Our technicians will go to your property and inspect the carpets. We will begin with an inspection of the area to be cleaned to determine the best approaches and techniques for the material, stains, and allergens. We also check the type of carpet fibre to determine the correct natural cleaning product that we will use.

Step #2 – Pre-Vacuum
Using HEPA filters, we will vacuum all parts of your carpeted floor to remove any loose particles on surfaces.

Step #3 – Pre-Spotting
Dynamik uses natural solutions for pre-spotting. This process is carried out by applying a diluted version of our appropriate pre-spotting treatment to the carpet surface. This will help break down the stains and carpet soiling in general.

Step #4 – Anti-Allergen Steam Cleaning
We apply an anti-allergen cleaning solution mix into our steam cleaning machine. As a result of the solution, as we clean, allergens will be removed and bacteria living in the carpet will be killed.

Step #5 – Post-Spotting
We now spray a layer of an antimicrobial agent on your carpet to inhibit the growth of mildew or mold.

Step #6 – Neutralizing
The final step is the application of a neutralizer, which will help remove any residue left from our products or process ensuring your carpeting is ready for use again.

How Do Allergens Affect People?

For most people, while they are disgusting, allergens are not harmful. However, the medical significance of allergens arises because they cause an allergic reaction in the immune system. Many people may not realize that the symptoms they are feeling, including chronic fatigue and joint pain, could be caused by environmental allergies.

People suffering from these allergies are likely to suffer from asthma or rhinitis as a result of inhaling the allergens. Sneezing, itching, watery eyes, wheezing, etc. are common symptoms, but some people have reported having red rashes around their neck. Some allergic reactions can cause headaches, fatigue, and depression. Allergens can make people sick. They can cause some of these symptoms but also worsen other underlying conditions like asthma. Allergies can range from mild to life-threatening. If you’re in Scarborough, Brampton, Halton Hills or somewhere else. We can help!

Our Allergy Treatment Control Treatment Process

Allergens cannot be simply removed by just vacuuming, that’s why you need professional help to successfully remove them. Here are a few tips to help reduce the allergen levels in your home or office.

Tip #1 – Place a doormat at both sides or entries of your home or office. This will help trap dirt and debris before they have a chance to get inside. Also, make it a habit to dust and vacuum those areas. Plus clean the mats regularly.

Tip #2 – Vacuum at least once per week. Doing this regularly can help remove dust, pet dander and pollen from your home or office. Use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum can trap allergens. A normal vacuum with not catch the allergens. Also, make sure to replace the vacuum bag frequently.

Tip #3 – If you have pets in your home, bathe and groom them regularly. This will help remove dander and other allergens from their fur.

Tip #4 – Replace furnace and air conditioning filters on time. Also, as much as possible, keep windows and doors closed to keep out pollen, smog and dust.

Tip #5 – The final and the most important tip would be to make sure you schedule a carpet cleaning service that provides allergy control treatments along with carpet cleaning.

Why Pick Dynamik for Allergy Control Treatment

Dynamik’s allergy treatment relief provides nothing but a positive benefit by reducing pet and dust-mite allergen levels in your carpets. The allergy treatment solution we provide is naturally derived and contains extracts from selected seeds of plants. This product is a water-based solution that is pH balanced. Additionally, our allergy treatment products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and non-toxic. The carpet product is eco-friendly, pesticide-free, and perfume-free.

Call us today for a free estimate on our allergy treatment to help reduce allergens in your home or workplace. We can also add our allergy cleaning package our condo hallway carpet cleaning, end of lease carpet cleaning or any of our other cleaning services.