How To Clean Your Carpet From Pet Urine Stain And Odor?

Having a pet brings many joys, but life with a man’s best friend can get a little messy at times. This is why pet owners must know how to get dog and cat pee out of carpet surfaces. Urine stains and odours are the common problems associated with owning pets especially when house-training puppies and kittens. For this reason, we’ve written a few things that can help you on how to deal with these accidents immediately.

How To Remove New Pet Stains

The key to successfully removing a pet stain is to act quickly the moment it happens. The following steps will help you clean pee stains from the carpet effectively so that you don’t have any leftover residue:

1. Soak Up The Area

To get the dog pee smell out of a rug especially after it has dried, you should start by rewetting the spot. The sooner you can rewet the dried spot and soak up the mess, the sooner the fibres in your carpeting or rug will be able to bounce back from the accident, allowing you to eliminate any remaining odour.

To rewet the spot, start by mixing white vinegar with water. Soak a clean cloth in the solution or pour a small amount directly onto the old stain. White vinegar’s acidic properties are perfect for breaking down alkaline stains like urine, making it the ideal first step for tackling stubborn stains and odours like those from dog urine.

Allow the solution to sit for a moment to ensure it soaks into the fibres and the dried spot. You may even see wetness on the rug’s backing, and that’s fine. White vinegar will not leave a stain or cause discoloration, especially when diluted with water. You can even test a small, discrete section of the rug to make sure.

2. Let The Vinegar Solution Be Absorbed

Once you’ve saturated the area with vinegar, it’s time to re-absorb as much of the mess as you can. Cover the old patch with a dry cloth. Make sure the cloth is clean before using it. And preferably use a white one so you don’t inadvertently add a new stain from colour fading as you get the dried dog pee out of the carpet. Or use a paper towel.

Apply pressure to the stain with the cloth. You can either do this by pressing the palm of your hand onto the towel and releasing it, or you can blot the stain. Don’t press too hard and don’t rub. Rubbing will push the stain deeper into the carpet fibres.

3. Reapply And Allow To Soak Again

Now that you’ve removed some of the old mess, you can repeat step 1 by adding undiluted white vinegar to the spot again and allowing it to sit. Vinegar is extremely effective at neutralizing odours, but for it to work on an old spot, you may have to be persistent.

Re-soak the area until it becomes wet again, and allow the solution to sit for a few hours. If you don’t want to use white vinegar, opt for a cleanser with enzymes. This will help treat old, smelly stains and get the pee smell out of a rug. But, don’t use store-bought stain removers. Why? Because if you can’t get the stain out using a product and you need to call a professional like our company we will tell you it can’t be removed. That’s why we never recommend any stain removers other than what we talk about in this article.

After your cleaning product of choice has sat for at least a day, treat the spot again. This will ensure that your cleaning solution effectively penetrates dense fibre and carpeting. Eliminating stubborn odours that thrive in the porous material.

4. Apply Baking Soda

Another powerful odour-eliminating solution that has many versatile uses, is baking soda. Baking soda will not cause discoloration and is effective against odour in carpet fibres and other porous surfaces around the house.

To use baking soda to get the dog pee smell out of a carpet or rug, sprinkle a generous amount onto the area and allow it to sit for a moment. The secret to baking soda’s effectiveness lies in its crystal-like structure. Volatile molecules bind to their surface and neutralize without leaving an unpleasant residue or causing a smell.

5. Vacuum

The final step in how to get the dog pee smell out of a rug or carpet is to vacuum up the baking soda.

6. Use Odor Eliminators

After you’ve vacuumed over the spot and have cleaned up the baking soda, mist the area with some odour eliminator. It can absorb and eliminate pet smells. While you won’t be applying these products directly to the spot on your carpet, any additional odour-removing products you use around the accident will only help eliminate lingering odours and leave clean scents in the air.

Which one should you use? It’s up to you. Any air freshener spray will do.

How To Remove Old Pet Stains & Odours

Suppose you didn’t notice an accident spot until it’s dried out? Or, you just moved into a new place to discover that the living room carpet smells of dog urine? While it’s harder to remove the smell from dried stains it’s possible. Use the methods talked about above if you can locate the area where the pet accident took place.

If you can’t locate the accident. Use a wet-extraction cleaning system over the whole carpet. This is steam cleaning. You need to hire a professional to do this. Don’t hire a machine and do a DIY job. We get calls every week about DIY jobs that went wrong where the result is damaged carpet that not even we can save and needs to be replaced.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Sometimes, pet stains can seep beneath the carpet surface into the carpet backing, the carpet pad, and even the flooring. As the moisture dries, concentrated odour crystals are left behind. These crystals release a stinky odour into your home unless properly removed by professional cleaners.

So in case that you have tried and put all your best effort into following the tips mentioned above, that’s where we come in. As your top carpet cleaner in the area, we have cleaning equipment and solutions that have been specifically designed to remove pet stains and odours at the source. We highly recommend scheduling a professional pet urine removal treatment with Dynamik Carpet Cleaning to remove any pet stains you are dealing with. We service from the country in Whitchurch-Stouffville. To Maple in town. Plus Pickering in Durham and more.

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