Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

If you operate a restaurant then you know that cleanliness is not only important but also the laws as regulations require strict cleanliness guidelines to be followed.

Your restaurants’ carpets can get a mixed bag of dirt, germs, grime, allergens, bacteria and more from so many different sources including customers who spill drinks. Food getting on the floor. Oils from the kitchen. Even the dirt and grime in the back of the house kitchen being tracked onto the front of house carpet, or rather the main dining room where the customers eat.

If this layer of dirt is allowed to sit for long periods on the carpet, it can cause a musty smell throughout the restaurant. This can affect how the carpeting in the restaurant looks, making it appear dull and dirty as well as creating a less than favourable dining experience for your customers.

A busy restaurant might find it hard to schedule a carpet cleaning. But, it must be done. Clean carpets and a pleasant dining experience create happy customers who will come back and recommend your restaurant to others. Dirty carpets will result in customers who won’t come back. Leave bad reviews about the dirty carpet. Or worse a sudden health inspector visit as someone talked!

Dynamik has been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 30 years, we’ve cleaned thousands of restaurants’ carpets. Getting rid of tough stains like grease, spaghetti sauce and wine spills just to name a few easy ones we deal with each week with our proven cleaning system. We know how to get your carpets looking amazing to provide a positive dining experience for your guests.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning Services

At Dynamik, we make sure that we clean your restaurant’s carpet thoroughly and effectively. To do this, our technicians follow a specific process as seen below.

Step #1 – Vacuuming
The first step is to vacuum and clean your restaurant’s carpets. We lift as much dirt, soil and dust from the carpet as possible with commercial-grade vacuums. Without this step beforehand the deep cleaning will not be as effective.

Step #2 – Pre-Treatment
Next, we pre-treat the dirtiest areas of your restaurant’s carpet with a professional-grade solution that assists in the break up of any foreign matter in your carpets at a molecular level. The cleaning solution helps break down stubborn stains, spots, marks, oils, grime and more from the carpet fibres so we can deep clean more effectively.

The pre-treatment is applied all over your carpet. Such as the entrances, exits, near tables where drinks are mainly spilled and other heavily soiled areas. Tough stains will need more time for the pre-treatment to work than lighter stains. Any oil and grease stains will also get special attention. Once the pre-treatment has been left to sit for a while we move to the next step.

Step #3 – Cleaning
Our technicians then use an industrial-strength hot water extraction machine to clean your restaurant’s carpets extremely thoroughly. This process might also be replaced with a steam cleaning method that is similar to hot water extraction. It just depends on how heavily soiled the carpets are.

Step #4 – Drying
Lastly, once the carpet is clean it needs to dry. It’s best to clean the carpets in a restaurant on a day that you are shut to customers. Or, if you run a 7 day per week operation that finishes late and starts early it’s best to do the cleaning at night after the close. When you hire us this is no problem for our techs. This allows the carpets to fully dry out way before the next morning’s open. If we deem it necessary we will use industrial air movers to help with the airflow and drying process so you can be open again as fast as possible without any lingering odours and air quality issues.

Benefits of Professional Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

There are countless benefits of having your restaurant carpets professionally cleaned.

Firstly, it will remove bacteria from your carpets that can be detrimental to the health of your dine-in guests. Plus, it’s a healthier work environment for all employees. Clean carpet fibres attract less dirt, grime, allergens and bacteria. This means fewer allergy symptoms or general sickness. Keeping your restaurant carpets clean not only makes it more inviting to customers, but also helps avoid bacteria from getting into areas that could make people sick from contaminated food. This would be a disaster for food safety if your restaurant causes foodborne illnesses.

Secondly, it will help to extend the life of carpets. How? Well, the longer a carpet stays soiled, full of dirt and grime, the faster the carpet fibres break down. Replacing carpets in commercial settings is not cheap. It’s much better to maintain them instead.

Third, the aesthetics of the carpet. Dirty carpet makes people uncomfortable and puts them off their food when it’s not clean and welcoming. If you have heavily trafficked carpets you must look after them. ​Dirty carpets are not a great first impression for your restaurant when a customer walks in. Clean carpets improve the overall dining experience for your customers.

A professional restaurant carpet cleaning service will be able to help take care of all these issues. We work with resturants from Toronto to Woodbridge and Maple. And even all the way out in Port Perry. If you need our service in the GTA we can help.

How Often Should Restaurant’s Carpet Be Professionally Cleaned?

At the very minimum, restaurants should have their carpet cleaned by a professional service at least once every six months. Although, there are always exceptions, such as:

The volume of foot traffic. Large restaurants that turn over a lot of tables will accumulate dirt, grime, dust and dirt faster. Carpet cleaning should be carried out more often.

Time of the year. During the winter months, carpeting can get soiled much faster from all the mud that’s tracked in. Even if you have entrance mats. Cleaning carpets every month or two during the wintertime is not unreasonable.

Carpet manufacturer warranty recommendations. Many carpet manufacturers require carpets to be cleaned at specific intervals to maintain their warranty. You should check this to make sure you adhere to the warranty guidelines.

The frequency of spot cleaning and vacuuming. If you don’t do regular spot cleaning or vacuuming you should start ASAP. Cleaning your carpets more frequently avoids damaging the carpet fibres.

As a result of all these variables, you should schedule your carpet cleaning regularly between two and six months between cleanings. But, make adjustments as necessary to ensure the restaurant maintains a clean look and does not get air quality issues.

Restaurant Carpet Care and Maintenance

In any commercial setting with foot traffic, proper carpet care should be a top priority. Ultimately, carpets absorb more dirt than any other indoor flooring. We recommend you follow these simple tips to take care of your restaurant’s carpet.

Tip #1 – Vacuum the carpet daily. By doing so you remove any foreign matter from the carpet surface that could end up deeply embedded.

Tip #2 – You should spot clean any stains and spills before they have time to set into the carpet.

Tip #3 – If using entrance mats make sure you are using the correct one. Some mats are designed to remove dirt and soil. And other mats are designed to absorb water.

Tip #4 – Seek professional help if your restaurant’s carpets are getting heavily soiled or have severe stains that your staff can’t get rid of. The longer you leave stains or general soiling the faster your carpets are being damaged.

Why Choose Dynamik?

We understand the importance of clean carpets in a restaurant. Not only does it make your customers and patrons feel more comfortable. But, it also makes sure that there are no harmful or allergens or germs on the carpet. Dynamik is the right company for the job that offers both one-time carpet deep cleaning and regular maintenance packages to help keep your carpets clean all year long. We have the right equipment to make your carpets look amazing. We use the highest quality, environmentally friendly products and advanced cleaning methods so we can preserve the bright appearance, colour and lifespan of your restaurant’s carpet. Call us today to find out more about our restaurant carpet cleaning services.

We also offer condo hallway carpet cleaning and hotel carpets cleaning. So if your restaurant is inside a hotel we can clean teh carpets of your hotel also.