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A very important part of the cleaning process in a home or even a business is to ensure that upholstery looks fresh and clean. If you walk into any room and notice stained, marked or worn down upholstery it isn’t the nicest sight for your eyes. But don’t worry! Our professionals are not only expertly trained in cleaning carpets. They also clean upholstery and can make yours look like new.

Furniture is something that is needed to make any home look and feel like a ‘home’ rather than just a place you live in. We tend to spend a good deal of money on upholstered furniture. And yet actually knowing how to properly clean all the different types of upholstery that are available is something that not many people are skilled in.

But you don’t need to stress out…

As this is exactly why you’re on Dynamik’s site right now. We are here to solve your problem.

Our team is professionally trained and knows exactly what equipment, tools, and chemicals go with what type of upholstery to correctly clean it.

Our 8 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

Upholstery cleaning is not exactly an ‘art’. But, you still need to know what cleaning process matches what piece of upholstered furniture.
Using the wrong process can result in damages. Our technicians are higher trained in all forms of upholstery cleaning.


The first step is pre-inspection. This allows our specialists to understand exactly what issues they will be dealing with. This step is very important and helps to avoid any issues.

Color Fastness Test

Next is a quick fabric dye test. This determines colorfastness. This helps determine the best, and safest cleaning procedure for your type of fabric. As the wrong clean process can cause damage.

3. Pre-Condition Fabric

The next step involves applying a pre-conditioned to looses the soil on the upholstery. The looser the soil the easier it come out. This helps maximize the cleaning process in the extraction step.

Extraction Process

Next, the soil that is embedded into the fabric fibers is now extracted. The fabric is rinsed extremely thoroughly as many times as needed to ensure it looks good, clean and fresh.

Professional Spotting

This step is only implemented when needed. If spots/stains don’t respond that well to our pre-conditioned and extraction process then we strain the spots/stains with a spotting solution.

Fabric Protector

You have the choice to purchase an extra fabric protector. We do recommend this as it will help the properly maintain your upholstered furniture for much longer than normal.

Fabric Dying

After the fabric has been totally cleaned we use powerful air movers (if necessary) to help in reducing the drying time of your upholstery. This means you can use your furniture, faster!

Final Inspection

Once we are done, well, we are not done! We conduct a final inspection. If you present while we are cleaning we ask you for your thoughts and ensure you’re 100% satisfied before we leave.

How Does Upholstery Cleaning Benefit You?

Furniture that is clean, hygienic, stain free and dust free really does create a healthy atmosphere in ones home. Moreso, here are a few other advantages of clean upholstery:

Air Quality: When your furniture is clean the air stays clean. Dirty, stained and old upholstery can cause the air quality to suffer and it’s very noticeable that you can smell when you walk into the room. But, what you don’t notice is the micro-dust particles, bacteria, and pollen which is invisible to the naked eye. Thankfully, professional upholstery cleaning can help you avoid these issues.

Upholstery Lifespan: Keeping your furniture clean means that you will prolong its life. Fabric that stays dirty starts to degrade faster than good looking and clean smelling upholstery.

Cost Effective: Thinking that it’s cheaper to simply replace your upholstery once it starts to get too worn, old and soiled? Think again as replacing furniture is by no means a cheap ordeal. It’s much more cost effective to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service to ‘refresh’ your furniture in comparison to replacing the item.

Better Aesthetic Appearance: Do you look better once you’ve had a shower after a long day at work? Sure you do! The same goes for your upholstery. Getting professionals to clean your furniture will leave it looking refreshed and renewed. You’ll also preserve the integrity of the fabric as clean upholstery prevents deterioration. The end result is a clean aesthetic feeling and a great looking home that you’re proud of.

Clean upholstery makes for a healthy and happy home!

What Type Of Upholstery Do You Clean?

That is an excellent question! And the short answer is if it’s upholstered furniture or anything with upholstery we can clean it.

Couches, Dining Chairs, Recliners, Lounges, Arm-Chairs, Sofas and any other types of furniture. There are literally too many to list on a single page of our website. But we clean them all.

We also clean all types of issues you might be dealing with:
Pet odors, ink stains, wine stains, vomit stains, urine, blood, coffee, soda, juices, oil, dyes, makeup, sauces, syrups, creams, food, grease, beer and we could go on forever. If your upholstery has a stain or needs a general refresh from years of use, we can help.

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